Brandon Deyo, Son of Clown/Kiddie Porn Collector, Pleads Guilty to Child Porn Charges

Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Brandon Deyo
Brandon Deyo, the son of David Deyo -- also known as "Noodles the Clown," who's currently serving a 17-year prison sentence for his child-pornography collection -- pleaded guilty today to possessing his own kiddie-porn stash.

Brandon Deyo, 25, was an Air Force Reservist when police discovered his mass of child pornography he'd been downloading inside the home of a Jupiter family he was living with in late 2009.

According to court documents, police found a Jupiter IP address that was sharing 35 files that included either images or videos depicting child pornography.

After serving a warrant on the home, police didn't find any of the kiddie porn on the family members' computers.

The family informed police that their family had "taken in" an Air Force Reservist -- Deyo -- who would bring his laptop over when he visited.

Police were told of how Deyo's mother had died and his father was serving his 17-year prison sentence for child-pornography charges.

The cops were also informed of an alleged "incident" between Deyo and his 3-year-old nephew, as well as another incident with his father-in-law's 6-year-old granddaughter -- which ended up with Deyo's father-in-law exiling Deyo from his house.

According to Deyo's father-in-law, Deyo was living in his West Palm Beach home at the time he witnessed his granddaughter on Brandon's lap. The father-in-law told police the girl's "clothes were displaced," and Deyo was sweating with his hand on the girl's lap.

Deyo's father-in-law told police Deyo admitted to touching the girl "inappropriately" and was thus banned from the house, according to the police report.

After Deyo's wife told police she'd seen some file names on her husband's computer that were consistent with child pornography, the cops went down to the Homestead Air Reserve Base and questioned Deyo.

Deyo admitted to police -- in great detail -- how he downloaded all the child porn and told the cops the youngest kids were probably infants, the report states.

Deyo faced a maximum prison sentence of 65 years if convicted on all 11 counts he was charged with but, as part of a plea agreement, was sentenced to just five years in prison, followed by six years of sex-offender probation.

His father, "Noodles the Clown," still has about eight years of his prison sentence remaining.

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