Bill Clinton -- Not Exactly a Big Fan of the Florida Panthers

Bill Clinton not hip to South Florida's own Florida Panthers.
The New York Rangers haven't been a hip hockey team since Bill Clinton was president.

That said, his appearance last night at Madison Square Garden to watch the Rangers take on the Florida Panthers actually makes sense.

The Rangers are on a hot streak right now, and beating the Panthers last night 3-2 in overtime gave them the highest point total in the NHL.

Look at how happy Clinton is to see the Panthers go down (or the Rangers win):

Also, if you have any kind of lip-reading skill, let us know what Clinton's saying there.

The Panthers play tonight in New Jersey, and their next home game is Monday against the Vancouver Canucks.

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he's saying as he pumps his fists: "God I love this!"


Say thanks to Capitals and Tampa for not being usual selves. Otherwise Panthers would be somewhere down in the middle of the conference standings or even outside looking in. Next year, when new realignment kicks in, Panthers can forget about making it to the playoffs when they will have to face Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Boston and Tampa.

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