Allen West No Longer Wants Democratic Leaders to Get the Hell Out of the United States (video)

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"No, of course I did not mean that thing I said very clearly into a microphone on television."
​Yesterday, Congressman Allen West backed away from comments he made over the weekend that President Barack Obama, Democratic congressional leaders and Florida Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (whom he called "my dear friend the chairman of the Democrat National Committee") should "get the hell out of the United States of America."

He made these comments Saturday, in a Lincoln Day speech to the Palm Beach County GOP in which he misquoted Abraham Lincoln. He appeared on CBS' Face the Nation on Sunday, but host Bob Schieffer was too busy getting screwed around by Michele Bachmann to ask West anything more substantial than how he felt after running 13 miles.

Monday, though, West went on CNN, where Soledad O'Brien was less accommodating of his bullshittery.

She played the clip of West's comments and asked him if he was really saying that Democrats should leave the country.

"No, Soledad. Soledad, absolutely not, and you know that," said West, flabbergasted that someone could have the gall to take the words that came out of his mouth and spin them to mean what he said. "You should have listened to the entire speech. You didn't listen to the entire speech."

We can't speak for O'Brien, but we certainly listened to the entire speech -- the words that came after "get the hell out of the United States of America" were, "Yeah, I said hell."

Now he's clarified his statement so everyone knows that when he said "get the hell out," he actually meant, "Soledad O'Brien never read the Federalist Papers." For a guy who signs his ridiculous, insulting emails with "Steadfast and loyal," he sure backs away from his rhetoric when he isn't at a podium in front of hollering supporters.

West continued to flounder for several minutes, particularly during a segment when O'Brien triumphantly confronted West with the statistical fallacy surrounding his defense of calling Obama "the food stamp president." West stayed on message, asserting that the disgusting Democratic Party is flying in the face of all that is America and Freedom... though at one point, he did seem to wander a bit:

"If you can't understand that," he said to O'Brien, "please come down to South Florida. You and I can read the Federalist Papers, we can go over the Constitution, and we can have a great chat about this."

O'Brien, responding the same way women do when this reporter asks them to read the Constitution with him, laughed heartily and said no.

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If she wasn't being facetious, then she clearly is missing interview 101 skills. He said their message should get the hell out-not them. Using feigned confusion to extract clarification only made her appear under qualified.


Who are you going to believe, your lying ears or me?

No lie is too outrageous, no equivocation too smarmy, no demagoguery too base or obscene for this man. The shame of it is, he won't even need to prepare a resume for his next gig at Fox.

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

Out of all legislators out there, Bachman and the criminal West are uniquely unsuited and unqualified for the offices they hold.  Neither have any concept of history or current events other than paranoid delusions and both just love to deny they said things that we have many records of them saying.  You would think they have never heard of youtube at all.

Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

Just give the moron his 40 acres and a mule and let him find his own little success.


Allen West is a Dick.

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