Miami Heat Star Udonis Haslem Opposes Southwest Ranches ICE Detention Facility

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Udonis Haslem
Udonis Haslem, a power forward for the Miami Heat who bought a $3.2 million home in Southwest Ranches in 2007, has come forward in opposition to a planned detention facility that would place at least 1,400 incarcerated immigrants near his home, according to local activists.

He's the most prominent Southwest Ranches resident so far to come forward in opposition to the deal, which town officials and representatives of CCA, the private contractor, say is all but sealed.

Haslem's agent told antiprison activists yesterday that a family member would take a letter of opposition to last night's town council meeting.

Earlier this week, Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart, whose district does not include the prison, wrote a letter of opposition to ICE. 

"I have been approached by residents concerned that the facility would have a detrimental impact," wrote Balart, who met previously with the antiprison residents' group as well as immigrants' rights advocates.

"I would strongly encourage you to seek the input of nearby residents that could be directly impacted by the facility before moving forward on a decision."

Haslem's home is less than two miles as the crow flies from the proposed prison site, as shown below:

View 5450 SW 192nd Terrace in a larger map
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Miguel Mujica-Baella
Miguel Mujica-Baella

Gladesman, why is it amazing? they guy doesn't want a 1500 bed detention center in his neighborhood. 9 schools surround the detention center on a 5 mile radius, maybe his kids go to one of those schools.  What's so wrong about that or amazng?  I give props to the guy. 

John R.
John R.

D'uhhh...really stupid showing it although I suppose it is in the public record if you look...


Amazing what people get talked into.

Way West
Way West

What are you guys nuts!!  Showing his address and a map for every crazed Heat fan.  Somebody crossed a line here.  I bet he's regretting this.


Well Miguel since you asked, looking at the map it shows a very large prison next to it and what looks like a very large dump or recycling area to the north and what appears to an industrial park to the east and more dump to the west  Did anybody notice all that stuff first?  I mean come on this is not rocket science.  The area for this thing appears to be in the middle of everything and buffered by a lot worse things around it.  Didn't he see all this when he bought or is this a winter home?  Also who's Nelson, thought the guy's name started with on O.

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