Cops Say Stephen Saftler Kept an 800-Image Kiddie-Porn Gallery on His Work Computer

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Broward Sheriff's Office
Stephen Saftler
Downloading child pornography anywhere isn't the greatest idea, but at the workplace -- c'mon, man.

Still, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department says that's what 62-year-old Stephen Saftler's been doing, as they served a warrant at his workplace in Sunrise yesterday.

After seizing the computer in Saftler's office, police say they found it contained more than 800 images and 20 videos of kids being sexually abused by adults.

"Many of the children depicted in the videos were as young as 1 year old," Fort Lauderdale Police Detective DeAnna Garcia says.

Saftler was discovered as part of an investigation by the South Florida Internet Crimes Against Children task force, as police allege investigators discovered Saftler's IP address was sharing the kiddie porn.

That IP address led them to Saftler's place of work -- ESMO Inc., in the 10100 block of NW 53rd Street in Sunrise.

Saftler's been charged with 50 counts of possessing child pornography and is being held in the Broward County Jail on $501,000 bond.

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Kool, a moron looks at kiddie porn.  He ain't doing it, just looking.  A major police success story.  And to prevent him from looking, his bail is $500,000.  You can murder a 2 year old and eat the corpse and have a lower bail.

Oh well, rapists are safer because the resources that could be spent looking for them are preventing this fool from looking at kiddie porn.  Only a Democrat mommie would think this is a smart use of police time.


FQS900- My reply should make you feel better. Unfortunately your comment is evident of how uneducated you are. I'm a veteran law enforcement investigator and this is EXACTLY where time and money should be spent. Many studies, the Butner study for one, proves that 95% of the subjects that collect child pornography are also rapists and child molestors. Subjects that get gratification from watching videos or images of children between the ages 1-5 being molested are the predators of our society. These are the same predators molesting our children. Rest assured, after this pedophile's face was broadcasted all over the media, the case detective likely received many leads as to whom he was also molesting.   Sleep well, FQS9000, this child porn investigator spent your tax money well.

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