Scott Rothstein: "I Feel Like I Just Took Six Viagra," and Other Email Wisdom

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Scott Rothstein
Here's something we learned about self-proclaimed "banker and pimp" Scott Rothstein today: He writes his emails like a total douchebag.

A civil lawsuit filed on Tuesday implicating car salesman Ted Morse in Rothstein's scheme -- which is explained at length by the South Florida Business Journal -- includes a bunch of Rothstein's emails to Morse attached as exhibits.

We thought we'd share a few, like the time Rothstein explained, in Comic Sans font, "Have I told you how much I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this business.......and how much I love the color green......i feel like I just took six Viagra :-) :-) :-)."








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i betcha some of rothsteins escorts are holding some moohlah for him, someone should check into indigirls (independent girls) independent escorts joyce ranser stage name kimmy brown also one of the alledged leaders of escort ring in broward,ny and vegas julia rabolli shes supposedly a realtor and student.these escorts were helping rothstein entertain many clients in his apartment and hotels on the beach,maybe the feds can find some of the lost cash if they look at rothsteins second favorite thing behind money.... pu.....

Jeff Spicolli
Jeff Spicolli

Rule # 1 in a Ponzi enterprise:  Keep no written communications.  Rule #2: Limit the number of people that know.  Rule #3:  Manage expenses so you can continue the con as long as possible...

Etc Etc.... 

Steve Lombardi
Steve Lombardi

Starting in 2006 the commercial real estate agents who I knew asked me why I wasn't buying commercial real estate; my answer was, "Because you're all selling a dream that doesn't exist." Looking at these emails brings back memories of the level of greed consuming people during that period. It's hard not to follow the crowd during these times but only if you fool yourself into thinking overnight you somehow became brilliant. Now looking back it's easy to see how stupid, greedy people look after the facts are revealed. Ponzi schemers don't need a brilliant plan they just have to be good at reading psychologically weak people. When ego drives the deal; someone, somewhere, sometime is usually going to wake up a whole lot poorer.

Eric Barton
Eric Barton

When this whole Rothstein thing broke, everyone figured he had some brilliant scheme to get people to invest. This doesn't look like a brilliant scheme. This looks like the writings of a horny, greedy teenager.

How'd he convince people to give him millions?

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