Scott Rothstein Transcripts Released From Day One of Bankruptcy Deposition

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Scott W. Rothstein
Ponzi mastermind Scott Rothstein sure seems to be talking quite a bit during his deposition in South Florida, as the first day of transcripts run over 350 pages.

Rothstein spent most of the first day of his deposition -- December 12 -- explaining away how the Ponzi scheme worked, throwing his old partners Stuart Rosenfeldt and Russell Adler under the bus in the process.

While we sift through Rothstein's ramblings, we'll post the transcripts from the morning and afternoon sessions after the jump:

Click here for Rothstein's corrections to the transcript.

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Kwame E Jones
Kwame E Jones

Why are the transcripts redacted? While pages are missing... Were those omitted by C&S or the court, or you guys?

Matthew Hendley
Matthew Hendley

That was the version with only the spelling/word corrections. It's been updated with the right one now.

Kwame E Jones
Kwame E Jones

Will you be continuing to post the transcripts as they're released?

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