Rush Limbaugh's Defense Attorney, Roy Black, Hosts Fundraiser for Patrick Murphy

What would the 99 percent say about this?
Memo to Patrick Murphy: If you want to win street cred with the 99 percent, don't have Rush Limbaugh's lawyer host your fundraiser.

Murphy, the Democratic congressional candidate hoping to unseat U.S. Rep. Allen West, has opened himself up to a lot of bad jokes with the fundraiser slated for tomorrow night in Coral Gables.

The event is being held at the home of Roy Black, the famed criminal attorney who defended Rush Limbaugh when Palm Beach prosecutors accused him of "doctor-shopping" for pain pills. Black is currently representing John Goodman, the Wellington polo mogul accused of driving drunk and causing a car accident that killed a 23-year-old last year.

Guests at Black's home will shell out $500 to $5,000 for the soiree. They'll also get to rub shoulders with a genuine celebrity: Black's wife, Lea, who has been a cast member on The Real Housewives of Miami.

Just to recap: Republican Allen West defends tax breaks for the wealthy, and Democrat Patrick Murphy holds a fundraiser at the home of a famous criminal lawyer and a reality-TV star. Ain't politics grand?

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There is no issue at all on who a lawyer defends regarding their religious or political views so if Mr. Black chooses to have a fund raiser for Patrick Murphy BRAVO!! I met Patrick, I am volunteering for Patrick and know that Mr. Murphy will protect my medicare, social Security and my family. My only wish is that reporters like yourself would not write slated articles to show your political side. BRAVO Mr. and Mrs. Roy Black,  Proud Democrat Supporters!!



I don't see the issue or conflict. I will assume Roy Black is a Democrat who is supporting Murph. Roy Black is able to host this fundraiser and contribute because he gets the big bucks for defending Limbaugh & Goodman types. Every citizen is entitled to the best defense they can afford. Desperate defendants don't care about Roy's political slant, just his ability in the courtroom. Kudos to Roy & Lea Black for supporting Murph.

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