Rick Scott About to Be on the Daily Show After Getting Trolled During Budget Announcement

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During Gov. Rick Scott's announcement of his budget proposal today, he took questions from media members curious about his ideas.

One of those people asking questions ended up being Aasif Mandvi, a "correspondent" for the Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

He wanted to know, of course, whether the governor would pee into a plastic cup he brought along so Scott could "prove he's not on drugs" -- most likely referencing the state's welfare drug-testing law.

The governor appeared quite confused, although he responded by saying he's taken drug tests "plenty of times" -- although he didn't mention if he'd passed those tests.

Still, Mandvi wanted some results, holding out the plastic cup and saying to others in the audience, "Pass this to the governor, please."

Here's a shot of that:

The Florida Channel

Minutes after that happened, Florida Department of State Communications Director Chris Cate posted on Twitter that Mandvi "should have more respect," adding, "Upstaging [the governor] during his budget [recommendations] isn't funny to the millions a budget impacts."

Stay tuned for the Daily Show segment on that one.

If you want information about the actual budget, click here.

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does drinking the blood of the innocent show up on drug tests..?

Jon G
Jon G

Well, DID he pass?  Would explain a lot, actually......


Thanks for making me laugh.  That is the funniest story I've heard in a long time.

Jon G
Jon G

should affect the ferritin results.....

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