Pamela Davis Ditches Deerfield Beach Housing Authority for Gainesville's Agency

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Less than three months after the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of the Inspector General came to Deerfield Beach to look into its housing authority, its executive director is moving north.

Pamela Davis, who's been the Deerfield Beach Housing Authority's executive director for more than 20 years, has taken the same post with the Gainesville Housing Authority -- rated earlier this year by HUD as one of the worst Section 8 programs in the state.

The results of that aforementioned investigation though, have yet to be released.

Davis sent an email to the housing authority staff in September, notifying them that a request for an investigation made by Rep. Allen West was granted, and HUD OIG was coming to town on September 28.

West's letter, either largely or entirely the result of activist Chaz Stevens, asked for the investigation over "issues [that] may involve nepotism, bid rigging, and procurement violations."

Deerfield Beach Mayor Peggy Noland had threatened to remove the entire board of commissioners before West sent the letter, but she did not.

All of those actions stemmed from an audit of the housing authority by the auditing firm Kessler International, which dropped a long, long list of accusations against the housing authority.

Gainesville's housing authority already comes with a history of mismanagement, as the Gainesville Sun reports Davis enters the position as the agency faces a "self-inflicted multimillion-dollar shortfall."

Previous Sun articles explain that the previous executive director, Gail Monahan, was booted from housing authority commissioners amid accusations of misconduct.

Deerfield's housing authority will likely select a new director at its December 21 meeting.

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David Cody
David Cody

Wow, Matthew Hendley...pandering for favor with Peggy and Chaz, eh.  This article is clearly colored against Ms. Davis, even though several HUD reports have indicated no wrong-doing and there is indication that the most recent that you mentioned more likely than not will exonerate Pam Davis and the entire board, if it hasn't already. This article insinuates that she is leaving or rather "fleeing" Deerfield Beach ahead of the outcome of the OIG report.  Do you really have to color your articles to the negative, which only acts to make people think a person is guilty?  Why not include the information that Pam Davis called a special meeting to answer Chaz Stevens 100 or so questions as presented by his henchman Mike Weiss, which by the way the answers satisfied Mr. Weiss and the board that Ms. Davis did nothing wrong.  Hell, why not include all the information, period and be objective in your reporting.  Has the main stream media lost it's objectivity and found that sensationalism works best to sales  it's rags.  So, I repeat why does your article slant the situation to make it look like she is fleeing her position from Deerfield ahead of charges or something?  It makes me wonder what the New Times and the Sun-Sentinel respective editorial staffs and "journalist" (I use the term lightly) have to gain by sensationalising these stories out of Deerfield Beach and then for the most part you guys don't even tell the wholestory, as indicated in the post by citizen journalist Jeff Sayles.  Now, the SS has a headquarters in Deerfield Beach and probably does not want to fall out of favor with the City's management and Mayor, Peggy Noland? Why do you and the New Times do it?  Please tell us because inquiring minds want to know!  Actually, with that phrase your articles actually remind me of the pieces you would find in the National Enquirer.

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