Occupy Palm Beach Getting Kicked Out of Campsite So "Trapeze Experience" Can Move In

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The new Occupiers?
Murmurs from people associated with the Occupy Palm Beach movement, which has been encamped in West Palm with the city's blessing since October, tell New Times that the group has been told to leave the site by next weekend.

Though the agreement that the occupiers forged with the parks department allows them access to only one-fourth of the empty lot at Flagler Street and Banyan Boulevard, now they need to clear out to make way for a new occupant.

That occupant, currently said to be in negotiations with the city, is none other than Trapeze Experience.

"We are opening in West Palm Beach, FL on December 17!" proclaims the Experience's website. The company offers trapeze lessons and flying sessions for members of the public and apparently needs a large grassy expanse on which to deploy its swinging equipment.

Tbe venture is decidedly more capitalistic than Occupy: a two-hour lesson costs $90. We don't know at this time how much rent the trapeze artists are going to pay the city; we'll update when we learn more.

Occupy members say they received verbal notice to be out of the encampment by next weekend. They say they were offered an alternative location in a parking lot near the train station on South Tamarind Avenue and the School of the Arts.

The movement, which has held on despite the dismantling of other groups nationwide, is holding a general assembly meeting tomorrow (Saturday) at 2 p.m., when they plan to discuss the possibility of an upcoming move.

Stefan Kamph is a New Times staff writer.
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HI, I'm the owner of trapeze-experience. I'm sorry that you'll have to switch venues.  I'm sensitive to your cause.  We actually negotiated and began rental efforts long before you moved on and got a permit to be there. 

As a small business owner we struggle with business survival as it is so expensive to operate.  We're the little guy.  Not the 1%-er.  In additoon, we provide a valuable activity for children, families and adults, through trapeze.  Our primary purpose is to empower individuals with this wholesome activity.  The activity provides valuable self-esteem improvement, confidence building, and ability to be with uncertainty and fear in a more able way.  Our activity costs $90/2 hours because it's very expensive to operate, and I have to hire experts in my field.  This is a low profit business, that I do because thousands of people are experiencing valuable personal growth and life changing results.   Listen to what some have said:


I feel like you may alreadyknow this because you have probably seen it a thousand time....but myexperience with you and your team has also made an extreme impact on me. 

This has been by far the best family experience forus and you better believe there is so much more to come for us, thank you" -- Hoisington Family.  "The trapeze-experience changed me. I am different since embarking on my first climb up "the ladder." I am more confident and comfortable in my own skin knowing that somewhere inside me lies the courage to stand on the edge and fly into the unknown. The moment I stepped off the platform, my fear transformed into grace, freedom, beauty and fearlessness. I felt supported, humbled, ecstatic. Thank you! The experience was truly magical." -- Beckey Stuchen, Yoga Instructor and Artist“I consider my experience with the Trapeze-Experience Team to have been one of my lifetime high point experiences. I told you that I had been yearning to participate in your "Flying Trapeze" workshop for several years. The actual experience far exceeded my expectations and fantasies. You and your team are so highly skilled not only in teaching the basic techniques to total novices, but also in imparting a sense of success, worth, and safety to the participants. You all are exceptionally good with your people skills. I thank you, again, for providing this opportunity for me. I am eager for next summer. I am a 60 year old Ophthalmologist from Rockford, Illinois”.-- Eric Ericson, Ophthalmologist“Regarding my experience, I gained a sense of inner control that I always wished for. As I was climbing the ladder, fear was kicking in and I kept telling my self ‘who cares that the platform is high, the view is nice up here’. Then I made the decision, muted and faded everything else except you and your instructions. Stopping my mind's chatter, calming my inner agitation, and connecting with another person with total trust and surrender was the mastery I could only dream about. Since my trapeze experience, I am more aware of my inner guidance and less scared to follow its voice somehow I feel more open and grounded within. Thank you for your vision and efforts to provide this wonderful experience”. -- Emina Karamanovski, Author and Life Coach"Hello Peter, I was one of the flying yogini's this past week. I have to tell you what an incredibly profound experience it was for me. It was thrilling, exhilarating, freeing and self-empowering ... and of course, FUN. Thank you!" -- Marsha Nieland, a Yoga-teacher-mom from Wisconsin“I just wanted to tell you again how much my Trapeze Experience means to me. To say it was a thrill is an understatement and the personal satisfaction is beyond measure. Its something I will always treasure. In addition, you and your staff were warm, professional, and fun. I look forward to another adventure with you and would recommend your classes without reservation. Best regards and thanks again” -- Loyce Ann Jardell, Corporate ControllerSo, again I'm sorry to hear about your discomfort in switching properties, and for your situation.  I assure you we are not goldman sachs.  We are not bankers.  We are a small business that provides a valuable activity for the community.  With best regards, Peter Gold


Priorities folks. Men in tights or men with rights? Wow, One screwed up country.


Awfully convenient that suddenly this thing pops up.  And to use public grounds for a private venture?  Typical bait and switch from the right wing again.


After all, what's more important: trapezers or Americans exercising their rights to peaceful assembly and free speech?

Oh, I'm sorry ... what was I thinking? This is a BUSINESS, so of course they come first!


and now you have the ignominious experience of displacing a segment of a most worthy cause with far reaching implications for the survival of millions, while you defend your right to occupy a public facility for your "experience" of a lifetime for a few bored wannabes. So now that you are being subsidized by the very same tax payers who have run out of tax subsidies, break a leg while you feign sympathy for a cause much more worthy than your life changing enterprise. Defending the indefensible ain't easy. Slink away. Let the boycott begin.


Unemployed whiners are far less important than hard working, skilled people trying to earn a living.  Get real.


Not a most worthy cause.  Merely snivelers too lazy to get a job.  Teaching people to sit on their ass and not work is NOT teaching anybody how to survive, but the opposite.  You have no RIGHT to occupy public property.  It PUBLIC property, not yours.  Far better would be if the "Occupy" fools broke their legs, that way decent people could earn a living.

My bet is that far more people will be interested in a display of skill rather than a exhibition of pointless sniveling.

Robin Benjamin
Robin Benjamin


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