Kim Jong Il: Marco Rubio Calls Him an "Evil Tyrant"; Bill Nelson Talks About Space

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Florida's senators had quite different reactions to Kim Jong Il's death, with one calling the North Korean dictator an "evil tyrant," while the other wanted to talk about what stuff looks like from space.

Off course, it was Florida's Democrat space-man Sen. Bill Nelson who took the opportunity to talk about spaceships... and Korea.

"Astronauts looking from the window of a space craft on the night side of the Earth see a Korea that is clearly divided -- dark in the North and lit up with bright lights and alive in the South," he says in a statement. "But it doesn't have to be that way anymore. I think this could prove to be a great opportunity for reform in North Korea. Let's hope so."

That's a little different route than the one taken by Sen. Marco Rubio:

"Kim Jong Il was a cruel tyrant who leaves behind unimaginable suffering of the North Korean people," he says. "The United States should work with our partners to ensure that this period of transition is seized as an opportunity to persuade North Korea to abandon its hostile nuclear program, open up its society and address the humanitarian crisis that its tyrannical leaders have inflicted."

And here's what's apparently going on in North Korea:

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If you look deep into those dark brown eyes of Senator Marco Rubio, you will see the same cruel, evil, and tyrannical potentiality as South Korean dictator Kim Jong Il had for the people of his country! Deep down in side most men who hold power is the unholy potential for mindless cruel inhumanity, hardheartedness, and personal vanity! Beware Florida of he who comes from the deep-laiden place?

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