Fort Lauderdale Cop Arrested; Allegedly Delivered Pills Across the Street From New Times Office

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Broward Sheriff's Office
Kevin Pisano
Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Kevin Pisano was arrested at 11:20 p.m. yesterday after allegedly delivering prescription pills -- while in his police uniform, sitting in his marked police car -- to a confidential informant across the street from the New Times office.

Fort Lauderdale Police Detective Travis Mandell says the department's Special Investigations Unit arrested Pisano at 250 N. Andrews Ave. -- a Hampton Inn Hotel within earshot of our daytime headquarters.

Mandell says the investigation into Pisano began on November 30, when one of the police department's confidential informants told detectives Pisano had offered him some prescription pills.

Last night, undercover officers watched as Pisano and the informant met each other near our office to hand off the pills, Mandell says.

According to his arrest report, Pisano was "dressed in full police uniform, with his gun belt on his waist and a loaded firearm inside his holster" and was sitting inside his marked cop car at the time of the transaction.

Pisano then gave the informant four five-milligram Percocet pills and one five-milligram Vicodin pill for free, Mandell says.

That's when the cops rolled in and arrested Pisano and found an additional Vicodin pill after executing a search warrant on his police vehicle, according to Mandell.

Mandell adds that investigators are still trying to figure out why Pisano had the pills and why he was handing them off to the informant.

Pisano's been a cop in Fort Lauderdale since 2009 and previously worked as a police officer in New Jersey.

He was booked into the Broward County Jail on charges of delivering oxycodone while armed, delivering hydrocodone while armed, and possessing hydrocodone. He's being held without bond.

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Trust and believe they have him hook line and sinker ... because I am the one who sealed his fate. People are not always what they seem. This is a dangerous man who believed he was above the law and attempted to use his power and position to intimidate females into compliance with his wishes. 

Hey Pisano - Remember when you tried to intimidate and scare me when I wanted nothing to do with you and your crooked ways? You told me "Game On?"

Here's my formal response - 


You're going to get exactly what you deserve. I almost felt sorry for you with how bad you sealed your fate when I was wired. ALMOST. 

You are a predator. I saved countless women from the same harassment.

There's no telling how many you've done this to before.

You won't do it EVER again. You picked the wrong "helpless" female.

Your charade will soon end. You can only avoid it for so long. 


When You speak of Kevin Pisano, it should only be with respect, for people that know him know that what he is being acused of is untrue!!!! You are talking about a man that toke down the Parsippany Police Dept. for having bad cops on the force. He is an Honest Cop and Great Husband and Amazing father to his kids, he is the kind of person that would do anything to help anyone in need. I personaly believe this is a set up by someone on the inside. Something needs to be done to help this inocent cop.I hope that this will be fully investigated by some one not contected to the department.Thank youMarielle Martins

Yuri Keyes
Yuri Keyes

HaHaHa... this is the same dude that was selling pills to occupy fort lauderdale. I wonder if the occutards knew he was a cop. 


He lives in pricey Hobe Sound in Martin County.   What are the odds that we the people provided him with a take home car?


It must be nice to sit in your glass house and throw stones, unless you were the buyer of the pills yourself, you shouldn't be so quick to judge.remember there are always three sides of a story. I know Kevin and his family personalyand I asure you he is a good man.Tell me something NJgirl, who are you to judge and make acusations againset another. remember this as well; WHAT COMES AROUND....

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