Dirty Dozen 2011: Who Did We Forget?

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This year's list of our Dirty Dozen covers a gamut of South Florida marauders, bent on making your life miserable -- or at least more mediocre -- in pursuit of personal gain. Rick Scott and Allen West are old standbys, but we have several newcomers to the list: Pain bros Jeff and Chris George, teachers' union president Pat Santeramo, the organizers of the doomed Langerado Music Festival, and more.

While the team of masterminds assembling your New Times was careful as always to identify the zeitgeist of apathy around Broward, we're sure your opinions will differ. 

That's why we're opening the floodgates to your immense reservoir of hatred, and asking for a "People's Dozen" of those YOU hate the most.

Actually, let's be reasonable, and make it a half-dozen. We all have things to do, and by the time 2012 rolls around like an old man playing nine-pins in your skull, you'll want to forget all the dastardly deeds you suffered in 2011.

So. Here's how this is gonna work. Read through our list of the Dirty Dozen and then figure out what politicians, gadflies, corporations, neighbors with dogs, etc. drove you wild with anger this year. 

You might want to stick to our theme: people who took advantage of our collective desire for cheap thrills without too much thought, and used it like an anesthetic to rob us of our money, fun, and hope.

Submit your picks with an explanation -- however brief or long and rambling as you like -- in the comments below, or click here to email them. Remember, the libel laws are on you, buddy.

We'll publish the best of 'em on, well, whenever we have a slow news day.

To the haterade, 
- Your New Times society critics

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If it's true that Eric Barton ran off Bob Norman, Thomas Francis and Michael Mooney then he should be on the list too.


I nominate Rick Case. The infamous "stolen Mont Blanc pen" a hole. It does not start and end with the stolen pen event. He is politically dirty and living at the trough via his BSO vehicle sales scam. Nothing more than an elitist prick. He personifies what the 1 % are about. How in Hell does he get away with hosting a polling place in and on the property of his auto dealership? That is so bizarre.

Please consider the cast of characters that make up the past and present Deerfield Beach City government. From Sylvia Poitier's slush funds for her and her family members to the indictment and prosecution of 3 other commissioners.

There are so many more worthy recipients that to limit this list to a dozen, would leave out so many deserving of recognition.


chris and jeff george are actually identical, not fraternal, twins.  The reason they look different is because they each took large, but varying quantities of steroids and growth hormones.  They are both scumbags and worthy to be on the dirty dozen list, but jeff is the leader and dominant of the two.

Prof. G
Prof. G

Your headline should say "whom" instead of "who".


FP&L, for raising our rates for a nuclear plant expansion no one wantsJack Seiler, for kicking around the homeless & occupy ftl, and killing baby turtles by lying to a1a business ownersChaz Stevens, no explanation necessaryPam Bondi, now a full-fledged accomplice in statewide mass home theftDWS, for representing everything that is wrong in Congress (warmongering, croneyism, etc) without constantly making crazy comments, which is the only way people realize when their Rep in fact couldn't care less about them.Victor Tobin, former chief judge of the Broward "Rocket Docket," left the bench early to start a a job with Marshall Watson, a law firm who he had been helping wrongfully foreclose on countless homeowners for years.


Ann Murray-admits to spewing racial epithets, reports say the grand jury fingered her political flack threatening an FBI approved whistleblower, she has allowed the biggest high school in her district to fall into disrepair( and fired the activists who exposed it) and to top it all off, she gets voted to be the School Board chairperson. Only in Broward.

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