Danny Pham Allegedly Got a Cock in the Mail, Which the Cops Say Is a Probation Violation

Boynton Beach Police Department
The cock that sent Danny Pham to jail.
Danny Pham's probation terms forbid him from possessing animals. That's the short explanation of how to get arrested for picking up a rooster from the post office.

According to an arrest report from the Boynton Beach Police Department, an animal-control officer got word that Pham, 36, was at the post office to pick up a rooster for cockfighting purposes, and simply having the chanticleer is a violation of his probation.

Police went to the post office in an unmarked car and watched as a postal employee handed Pham a white box labeled "live animal," which Pham signed for, the report says.

The cops confronted Pham -- whose listed occupation is "nail tech" -- as he went back to his car.

Police asked him about the rooster, to which Pham stated that it was "not his chicken" and that he speaks and understands "only 30% of English," the report states.

Pham told the cops he was picking up the rooster as a favor for a friend but couldn't cook up a name or phone number for that friend, police say.

Citing Pham's probation conditions, which state that he's "not allowed to have any animals in his possession," and given the cock in the box, the cops arrested him on the probation-violation charge.

Pham was on probation as a result of his 2009 arrest for running a cockfighting ring in Lake Worth.

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A chicken saved for Kentucky Fried!  A real law enforcement victory.


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