Daily Show Staff Hitting Up Legislators for Pee Tests; Rick Scott's Response Now Has Video

Florida House Democrats
The Daily Show's Aasif Mandvi (left) with a cup of pee and Rep. Darryl Rouson.
Apparently trolling Gov. Rick Scott during his budget announcement yesterday was just one part of the quest for urine by the staff of the Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

Now, "correspondent" Aasif Mandvi is hitting up some more law-making pee at the Capitol in, of course, the men's room.

Rep. Darryl Rouson was interviewed by Mandvi -- who had a microphone in one hand and a fresh urine sample in the other -- and according to the Florida House Democrats, the segment on the state's welfare drug-testing is expected to hit the airwaves on the Daily Show at some point in January.

Yesterday, the governor was taking questions about his budget proposal and somehow ended up fielding a question from Mandvi.

He wanted to know, of course, whether the governor would pee into a plastic cup he brought along so Scott could "prove he's not on drugs."

The governor responded by saying he's taken drug tests "plenty of times" -- although he didn't mention if he'd passed those tests.

Still, Mandvi wanted some results, holding out the plastic cup and saying to others in the audience, "Pass this to the governor, please."

Later, Florida Department of State Communications Director Chris Cate posted on Twitter that Mandvi "should have more respect," adding, "Upstaging [the governor] during his budget [recommendations] isn't funny to the millions a budget impacts."

Here's the video of the request for gubernatorial pee:

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Rick should pee on a bunch of these guys.

Pete Pepper
Pete Pepper

I am shocked Voldamort did not strike him dead for looking like a muslim.Damn I love the Daily Show...more news in half an hour than an entire week of FOX.

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