Clinton Drake: Another Florida Teenager Accused of Murdering Relative With Hammer

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Clinton Travis Drake, 19, was arrested yesterday by the Cape Coral Police Department on Monday, accused of bludgeoning his 84-year-old grandfather to death with a hammer.

This is now the second hammer-murder of a relative allegedly carried out by a teenaged family member, after 17-year-old Port St. Lucie resident Tyler Hadley was arrested in July after cops say he murdered both of his parents with a hammer at their house and threw a party at the place later in the day.

According to the Cape Coral PD, the cops were called a little after 4 p.m. Monday after someone found 84-year-old John Drake dead and slumped over the wheel of his truck at a Cape Coral intersection.

Witnesses told the cops they saw a man running through their neighborhood around that time, and about an hour later, the cops found Clinton Drake "a short distance" from where they found his grandfather.

Police say they arrested Clinton Drake after a fight with him and found the key to his grandfather's truck as well as a knife in his pocket.

Lee County Sheriff's Office
Clinton Drake

A police report states that Drake later admitted to detectives, "I killed my grandfather."

He was reread his Miranda rights, according to the report, and admitted to killing his grandfather after they had an argument at his house, although the report doesn't state the nature of the argument.

"Drake confessed to hitting his grandfather in the head with a hammer multiple times and then slitting his throat with a 'hawk knife' to ensure he was dead," the report states.

The report goes on to say that Drake put his grandfather in the truck and started to drive. When he was stuck in traffic at an intersection, he saw a camera and thought he was being captured on video, so he bailed from the truck and started to run, according to the report.

He's been charged with second-degree murder and was denied bond by a judge this morning.

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I cant beleive half of these comments on here.if you knew clint you knew he was the sweetest shy guy ,who yes at sometimes talked a little crazy but i grew up with clint we lived next to eachother our whole lives.obviosly something happened to him we dont know about.clint just isnt this person.i pray for him everyday and hope he is ok.yes he did something unbelievably aweful ,but i still love him and i will still be here for him,because i am his friend and thats what friends do.dont judge him for this ,you dont knw what was going on .or where his mind is at.he is going threw alot.he feels aweful abot what he did but he isnt completly sane right now,everytime he reaizes what he did he freaks out.the poor boy probly snapped and didnt even know what happnd.hang in there clint .


Seriously these comments irritate me! You guys do not know clint! if you guys knew him if at all you would know that he is the sweetest guy. Yes he committed a crime, i'm not excusing him at all, but all these rude comments are uncalled for. Clint is a great friend of mine and i don't care what anyone says. He to me will always be that lovable guy i could always talk too! So those of you with rude comments please keep them to yourself, thank you.


Do the same thing to this bottom feeder.


His Mommy is so proud.


his mommy is heart broken how dare you judge the parents

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