Amy Fisher, Former Lover of Joey Buttafuoco, Dancing in West Palm

Amy Fisher.jpg
Fisher's all grown up now.
If you fancy a little '90s nostalgia with your lap dance, be sure to stop by T's Lounge in West Palm Beach this week to catch the featured dancer. 

Amy Fisher, who was Jersey Shore trashy before it was cool, is bringing her stripping talents to South Florida. For those too young to remember, Fisher became a tabloid star in 1992, when she was a 17-year-old from Long Island with atrocious taste in men. Her affair with grease monkey Joey Buttafuoco and her decision to shoot his wife in the head gave the world many things -- a lesson on statutory rape laws, a deep aversion to men with four-syllable last names. For a time, it seemed we would never escape bad Buttafuoco jokes.

But now Fisher is just your average D-list celebrity. She's appeared on Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew, got married, had three kids, and made a sex tape. Now she's a touring stripper. You can catch her show tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday at T's Lounge, an upstanding establishment "where cooterball was invented."

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John Gillespie
John Gillespie

I want to apologize to all my faithful readers. Without a doubt, you needed this information before today, the LAST day to see Amy Fisher on the pole. But better late than never, Looks to me like you'll need to take a break in that Christmas shopping spree to spend a little time with Amy. Maybe, for $20 and a bottle of bubbly in the Champagne Room, you can even be treated to a few stories about Joey Buofuccio. What a worthwhile way to spend a cloudy Saturday. Enjoy!


Pretty hot.  She is welcome to shoot my wife any time  she wants if the stripper thing doesnt work out.

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