Allen West on Lois Frankel: "Maybe She Likes Running Against Black Guys"

Rep. Allen West
Rep. Allen West was the only politician to place in the contest for Washington, D.C.,'s Funniest Celebrity Contest on Wednesday, drawing most of the attention to his jokes about being a black conservative.

West's suggestion that former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel -- his possible opponent in his reelection bid -- maybe just "likes running against black guys" wasn't part of the standup routine.

Well, there's nothing like a dash of awkward to keep this race interesting.

"She's a career politician looking for her next gig," West told Politico yesterday, also making reference to a past race between Frankel and Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings. "Maybe she likes running against black guys."

Still, that only counts as the second-most awkward quote that's made the news on the subject of Frankel and race.

You may (or may not) remember that it was just over nine years ago when Hastings and Frankel were in a runoff election for the Democratic nomination in a newly created congressional seat.

Frankel hammered away at the fact that Hastings had been impeached from his position as a U.S. District judge, which apparently Hastings didn't like too much.

Hastings complained about Frankel's campaign tactic by stating, "The bitch is a racist."

West still gets to add his statement to his awkward-quote collection, although he's seemingly funnier when he's not in his official capacity as congressman.

West was reportedly the only politician who was actually funny at the Funniest Celebrity Contest, with his best material coming from race-related jokes as a black Republican.

He apparently has a terrible Jamaican accent -- and a really good Australian accent -- but so far, audio exists only for his black-conservative jokes. Here's his bit about Democratic Rep. John Lewis:

The first thing I got sworn into was the Congressional Black Caucus. Now you talk about being fun -- being the only black Republican in the Congressional Black Caucus -- but I did kind of get a warm welcome. John Lewis, you know, John Lewis from Atlanta, Georgia -- same neighborhood that I grew up in down there -- great time. And so I'm walking up behind John Lewis and he really let me feel like this is a family man, because I kept hearing him talk about some guy, Uncle Tom.

Listen to the audio of that joke, plus a bit about Rep. Maxine Waters and Oreos, by clicking here.

Jamie Weinstein, editor of the Daily Caller, won the Funniest Celebrity Contest, with one of his best jokes at the expense of the GOP presidential candidates.

"Like all of you, I've been watching the Republican primaries," he said. "Or as I'd like to call them: the race to be Marco Rubio's running mate."

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You got that right West.  Once you run against black, you never go back.

Robin Benjamin
Robin Benjamin

West, I can't wait to vote your lying, cheating ass out of congress... 


West, only good for idiotic rants.  Wasnt he elected to actually DO something in Congress?  Yet all we ever see is him complain about one person or another while spewing hate.  Not bad for the war criminal he is, but when in Congress you are supposed to be working, not playing.


I , too, have noticed his propensity to complain and speak negatively on an array of issues and subjects. I get the impression that he is deep down miserable.  Also notice that he , way too often, brings race into his rants. Can't figure out if he hates being black or just can't argue on any other level.

Lifelong Dem
Lifelong Dem

West's problem is that he is a confirmed militarist and can't be anything else. He has been brainwashed into believing, like Timothy McVeigh, Lee Oswald and hundreds more, that the way to solve problems is to fire weapons and make them go away. West uses words like bullets -- to wound and kill. He has no interest in working together with the other side of the aisle. That would be co-existing, and with the enemy. 

Also, as a religious fundamentalist fanatic, West's outlook is framed by the bizarre book of Revelation, which instructs true believers to punish and demonize all those who do not believe the "correct" way. West clearly does not belong in civilian life. He needs to get over to Afghanistan, where he can kill people. I'm sure the Bush buddy religious fanatic Republican donor who runs Blackwater could give him a cushy job. After all, he was paying truck drivers $100,000 a year from his no-bid federal contracts.

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