Alfred Infosino, 83, Convicted of Beating His Girlfriend to Death With a Battery

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Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office
Alfred Infosino
It's not every day that an 82-year-old man (now 83) calls the cops to tell them he just chugged some ammonia and beat his 77-year-old girlfriend to death with a battery, but according to a jury, October 7, 2010, was one of those days.

The jury found Alfred Infosino guilty of second-degree murder in the beating death of Rita Chirel, and he is scheduled to be sentenced on December 21.

According to an arrest report, Infosino phoned up the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office just after 7 a.m. on October 7, 2010, to let them know he just "killed somebody."

"I killed my girlfriend; I beat her to death with a flashlight battery," Infosino told the dispatcher. "I drank ammonia. I lost it."

Sure enough, deputies responding to Infosino's Delray Beach house found Chirel on the floor  naked, with a pool of blood around her head.

It seemed Infosino's statement was pretty accurate -- there was blood on the bed, some clothing, furniture, a glass, and a broken flashlight with batteries. The kitchen, which also had blood transferred to it, was also where police found the bottle of ammonia Infosino said he'd been sipping.

Police also discovered that Infosino had called a friend right after he hung up with the cops and let her know that he'd just beat Chirel to death.

The woman told police Infosino had made several threats of physical violence toward Chirel in the past, and it was serious enough that Chirel had dropped Infosino as executor of her estate.

Infosino faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

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I love how the author just kind of breezed by the whole ammonia drinking bit ... Yeah, dashed my girlfriend's head in.  What?  Well, sorry, I was drinking ammonia, do the math.  WTF?  The real story is not:  I bashed my girlfriend's head in ... It's:  I was drinking ammonia.  Are people drinking ammonia to catch a buzz?  Was it an accident?  I can't find any new stories on ammonia consumption, except for by accident.  There's no, 'We ran out of Jack and so I hit the cleaning closet ... " This needs to be expanded upon.  Any experts out there care to respond?  


Ahhh ammonia...liquid courage!  :)  lol

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my guess would be that the writer assumed that his readers have passed the 3rd grade reading comprehension level and having a least a clue about the amonia's smell, can figure out, all by themselves, about the possibilities of the story being even remotely true...

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