Zombie Doctor and Other Great Mug Shots in Florida From Halloween Weekend

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Pasco County Sheriff's Office
Kevin Fearn
It's not hard to imagine that police departments around Florida picked up some interesting characters over Halloween weekend this year.

Take 47-year-old Kevin Fearn, for example, who -- in costume as a zombie doctor -- was picked up by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office for allegedly beating up an old person.

There were surprisingly few people posing in costume for their mug shots this weekend, but that doesn't mean some crazy-looking things avoided popping up at jail.

That's where 42-year-old Arlie 2nd comes into play. Apparently 2nd is really his last name, as his little brother, Charlie 2nd, has been arrested twice before in Pasco County.

Arlie 2nd didn't show up to his court date, so he was also picked up by the Pasco County Sheriff's Office on a probation violation. He's not exactly wearing a costume, but he'll scare the children.

Pasco County Sheriff's Office
Arlie 2nd

Also in costume at the Pasco County Jail was 22-year-old Laura Magana, who was picked up on an alleged DUI while dressed up as... something.

Pasco County Sheriff's Office
Laura Magana

We've also got two bonus arrests that have nothing to do with costumes or downright scariness.

John Holmes, 46, was picked up for disorderly intoxication while wearing his "designated drinker" T-shirt.

Volusia County Sheriff's Office
John Holmes

Unfortunately for 39-year-old Paul Madonna, he was allegedly driving on a suspended license, but he does love hot moms.

Charlotte County Sheriff's Office
Paul Madonna

Now that's how Florida does Halloween.

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Hu Flung Poo
Hu Flung Poo

Fearn looks a lot like John Wayne Gacy to me.

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