Disappointment: The Rick Scott Story

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Gov. Rick Scott's reaction on Wednesday to a former staffer for Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll being charged with illegally recording a conversation: "It is a disappointment." (He said that twice.)

His reaction to the part of that audio recording in which Carroll's chief of staff said the governor isn't leading: "That's disappointing."

That same day, Scott was asked how he felt about the health-care chain he cofounded packing up its headquarters in Jacksonville and taking those jobs out of state: "It's disappointing that they're moving."

That led to the Florida Democrats issuing a news release about the governor's "disappointing Wednesday." We'll give you a hint -- it's a bit more than just Wednesday.

There's the news release the governor's office put out today about the state pissing away money to defend the welfare pee tests: "I cannot fully express my disappointment in the federal district court's decision."

Before that, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Scott overstepped his authority by freezing rulemaking. Cue the governor: It was a "disappointment."

Hey, uh, governor -- remember when the unemployment rate went up in June and stayed that way for three months? "It's disappointing that they didn't go down."

How did the governor feel after the Legislature didn't consider a bill about consolidating administrative functions that he asked it to support? "I am disappointed..."

Hey, Florida Independent -- what did the governor say about the Legislature's not passing an immigration bill? "He said he was disappointed..."

Of course, let's not forget that prewritten letter the governor asked people to send to newspapers in June (the emphasis is ours):

Dear Editor,
When Rick Scott ran for Governor he promised to create jobs and turn our economy around. I voted for Rick because he's always been a businessman, not a politician. While politicians usually disappoint us and rarely keep their promises, Rick is refreshing because he's keeping his word. His policies are helping to attract businesses to our state and get people back to work. Some of the special interests are attacking the Governor for making tough decisions, showing leadership, and doing what he told us he would do. Rick Scott deserves our unwavering and enthusiastic support. How can we expect to elect leaders who will keep their word and do what's right for our state if we don't stand up for those with the courage to set priorities, make difficult choices, and actually deliver on their promises made?

That letter's actually depressingly laughable considering he's managed to keep only 14 of his 35 promises that have been rated by PolitiFact.

Nearly a year into the job, it's starting to look like a disappointing governorship.

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This is what you get when you vote for a know thief. He robbed Medicare and he will take Florida for a bundle, either by his foolish policy's that are litigated against and then overturned or by direct misappropriation of monies. He needs to be Impeached now.


I voted for him because at least he admitted he was a crook, not like politicians who pretend not to be crooks.  I say go Rick Scott.  Everyone wants government accountable, but when hard decisions are made, the no one likes them.  Cheers for his continued fights.


Well kids, it's been almost a year. By far the biggest disappointment of Rick Scott's term is that he hasn't yet blown his brains out. We can only hope that the bastard will grow a conscience and a set of balls, do the right thing, and leave this earth permanently. I will certainly pray for that in church on Sunday.  

Judge Roy Bean
Judge Roy Bean

He was a known crook and a conman when he was elected.  What did you expect?  You got what you voted for!


One year down, and three more to go and then the voters can send Gov Scott packing out of Tallahassee on his jet he flew in on.

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