Florida Has Old People, Old People Love Newt Gingrich, Poll Says He Leads by 30 Points

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Former House Speaker Newton Leroy "Newt" Gingrich is apparently a thing in the GOP presidential race now, with the most recent poll released this afternoon showing nearly half of Florida Republicans opting for him to be the party's nominee.

Gingrich somehow managed to raise his poll numbers with a pace akin to his ability to rack up debt at Tiffany & Co., as he leads former Massachusetts Gov. Willard Mitt Romney 47-17, according to Public Policy Polling.

Not surprisingly, most of the people now supporting Gingrich are old -- between the ages of 65 and dinosaur fossils -- with 54 percent saying they'd opt for Gingrich if the primary were today.
As for the people wondering whether Gingrich is here to stay atop the polls, PPP looked into that one -- 56 percent of the survey's respondents said they might end up choosing someone else.

Behind Gingrich's 54 percent are Romney at 17 percent, Herman Cain at 15 percent, Rep. Ron Paul at 5 percent, and everyone else at 4 percent or less.

When respondents were polled about how they liked each of the Republicans in the U.S. Senate race, most, as usual, responded with the who the hell is that answer of "not sure," except for Rep. Connie Mack, who's the fourth person in a row in his family to have that name, if that helps.

Mack leads that one with 40 percent, followed by George LeMieux at 12 percent and the rest of the field at 4 percent or less.

PPP's ever-fascinating "miscellaneous" poll of Florida's GOP voters will be released tomorrow, and we got a sneak peek at one of the answers.

"The most popular person we asked about on our Florida poll by a wide margin is Mr. Tebow," the firm says.

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if you are a young man, and not a Liberal, you have no heart.

if you are an old man, and not a conservative, you have no brain.

newt is pretty smart, and tells it like it is... like him or not, he speaks his mind.  Which is pretty rare today in politics. 

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

Inside Baseball:

In the 90's, Newt's congressional staff on the hill were famous for saying the following about their boss, " he's a sociopath, but he's our sociopath".

Trust me. This fucktard does not believe a word that he utters.


"Polls as Propaganda"

How is this news????

-“Towery’s firm identified Gingrich Monday as the new leading candidate…..”

-“Towery served as Gingrich’s campaign chairman during his later years in Congress. Since establishing his polling outfit, Towery said he holds to professional standards ofobjectivity….”

With no stats to back any of this up. How unbelievably irresponsible to publish such tripe.

The people are catching on that these polling agencies bias their polls by demographic selection (Here the demographic is not defined at all and no data is provided at all). No longer do we even see the statistics or the questions provided to support theses stories.The MSM has all but stopped online polling altogether. The only thing thesepolls serve (especially fox news/Rasmussen and WAPO/ABC) to prove is a nearunilateral media bias against freedom and liberty in favor of the corporatocracy...

"Polls without complete statistics and data available are fish stories...."

When this information is provided by the shill pollsters they think we will not read it. The common thread to keep Paul's numbers down seems to be 3 things:1.) Polling only land line holders2.) Polling less than 10% under 35 years old and in total under 25% under the age of 45 years.3.) Polling only known entities, i.e. certain well researched repubilcan groups known to the party.

If you can’t look at the data and demographics yourself. Throw these polls where they belong, back in the sea… Save our freedom. Ban computer voting and tabulation in your locality before your next election. Paper ballots only. "See any irony here???"If they don't like the online polls that are beyond their skew what do you think they will try to do with the real vote if we the people give them the slightest chance?

Wake up America they are not just going to let Paul win unless we continue to shine a bright light over their shoulders at all times. Liberty needs advocates we must all be vigilant now.

My unscientific opinion on this,,,,in an unbiased poll Paul is far in the lead and poised to take over the GOP already and they know it.

Robert Walsh
Robert Walsh

i don't know why his Camp is and Newt are not bringing up the fact that gingrich sits on the Alzheimers Comm. i mean he sits on this bd. w/ the Kennedy woman. to the retired supreme ct.justice etc. i mean this commitee is really looking out for these patients. thanks newtie and good luck.

Matthew Hendley
Matthew Hendley

Could you put a few more spaces between the fragments?


Perhaps the 'old' people don't realize that gingrich wants end of life counseling because 'old' people receive expensive treatment when they're only going to die...if you think that gingrich looks out for old people, you're delusional. gingrich looks out for gingrich, period.

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