In Lake Worth, Election Day Is Never Boring (Dildo, Anyone?)

Andy Amoroso Kisses Pig.jpg
How can you not vote for this guy?
Today is Election Day, and in case you were tempted to stay home because the candidates are all local nobodies, the City of Lake Worth is here to change your mind.

Here in the Brooklyn of South Florida, we have a City Commission candidate who, in addition to being a respected local business owner and former vice chairman of the Community Redevelopment Agency board, sells dildos and gay porn in the back of his downtown shop. Meet Andy Amoroso (shown here promoting the recent Lake Worth Halloween pig-kissing contest).

Amoroso owns Studio 205, a delightful Lake Avenue shop where one can buy incense, candles, newspapers, and outrageously funny greeting cards while catching up on all the city's gossip. In the back, shielded by a beaded curtain, are the items, such as padded boxers and a wooden dildo, designed for adult customers.

Now remember, this is Lake Worth, where the city manager is transgendered and the PrideFest parade draws thousands of participants.

Amoroso says his opponent in District 3, Commissioner Jo-Ann Golden, has not attacked his shop's merchandise in the campaign. "It's a moot point," he says. "I cater to all walks of life. That's why I'm still here after 15 years."

He insists the items he sells are no different from what one might find at Spencer's, but that's not entirely true. His risqué cards and gifts are peddled in the heart of Lake Worth, which prides itself on an artsy, hippie way of life. And that makes him a true treasure.

So get to the polls! It's more fun than kissing a pig.

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No wonder that numbers of women are getting interested in using dildo. We all know that this kind of stuff can satisfy them. 


Pig kissing is an art form for a politician.  In fact telling which one is the pig is usually impossible.

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