Janiber Vieira, Mother of Former Boynton Beach Cop David Britto, Gets a Year in Prison

David Britto, whose mother gets to go to prison for a year for helping him skip town on a meth-trafficking charge.
​Janiber "Jane" Andrade Vieira -- mother of former Boynton Beach cop/alleged meth trafficker/federal fugitive David Britto -- was sentenced today to one year plus one day in prison.

Vieira, 51, aided her son's escape to Brazil and was arrested in September on charges of contempt of court -- which carries a maximum sentence of life in prison -- as well as conspiracy to fail to appear before the court and making a false statement, which each carry maximum sentences of five years in prison.

Instead, she pleaded guilty to a single count of conspiracy, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison, although she obviously didn't get too close to that maximum sentence.

As you may recall, Vieira is the reason her son won't be facing a meth-trafficking charge that could've locked him up for life.

Instead, two possible life sentences have turned into one year in prison for one of them.

Britto was on federal probation while awaiting trial when he took a flight from Miami to Brasilia, Brazil, on August 24, with a one-way ticket purchased by Vieira the day before at a Pompano Beach travel agency, court documents say.

According to presentencing documents filed by Vieira's attorney, Britto "begged her to buy a plane ticket for him to go to Brazil because he said if he had to go to jail, he would kill himself."

Not only did Vieira buy the plane ticket in Britto's name but the feds say she told Drug Enforcement Administration the next day that she did not help Britto in obtaining or purchasing the plane ticket to Brazil.

Or, as Vieira's lawyer wrote, "This is how Janiber Vieira comes before the Court -- as a mother who loves her first-born son and saw no other choice to keep him alive."

According to Vieira's arrest warrant, a DEA agent states that Britto's ankle monitor had signaled a "tamper alert" after he cut it off on August 24 -- the same day Britto boarded that flight to Brazil -- but the U.S. Probation Office did not notify the DEA until the next day.

The agent writes that the DEA was notified by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement "later that afternoon" of August 25 that Britto was scheduled to board a one-way flight from Miami to Brasilia, Brazil, on a TAM Airlines flight.

That day, DEA agents went to the travel agency in Pompano Beach -- Chang Express Travel -- where they found that Vieira had paid cash for Britto's ticket, verified from audio/video security footage.

On September 2, federal agents managed to capture Vieira trying to leave the country from JFK International Airport in New York to San Paulo, Brazil.

Here's the kicker: In sentencing documents, it says Vieira will be deported after her three years of probation upon her release -- which can also be interpreted as a free ride back to her son in Brazil.

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He is a good boy, mommy is sure about that.  How dare the evil popo throw her skanky ass is jail.  Moms everywhere must rise up and support this wonderful lady.  Mommys are always right.


Dear KennyPowersII, are you a mother? Are you God? Are you absolutely sure he was guilty? Would you bet your life he was guilty? Let's say he was innocent and risked life in prison counting he would be proven not guilty and then gets life in prison for something he didn't do? And if it was your child, saying he would kill himself if he was sent to jail... Would you risk it? Or would you try to save your child's life? Stop judging this poor woman for being a brave mother.

BTW she supported herself as a tax paying housekeeper for decades. Her son supported HIMSELF serving the United States Marines! And going to Iraq to fight for this country that turned it's back on him. David is innocent. He was set up. She helped a son who was on the brink of committing suicide because he couldn't live watching the life he fought so hard for go down the drain! Grow a soul man.


Wow. Delighted to hear she got something, but feel very strongly it was not enough. Bullshit defense and impossible to prove, since he is alive and well and living in Brasilia ( maybe). I totally do not understand the 3 years of probation, then deportation. Accompany her smarmy ass from the prison doors to a Varig airliner in shackles.

BTW, has anyone determined how she supported herself in the USA? Was she living off the fruits of her little boy's enterprise? Just askin'.

P S . Don't lie to the Feds. Pisses them off.


Ok uhmm are you saying she's wonderful or skanky? Or was that a typo?


So let me analyze your responses and answer your queries.

No I am not a mother. Biologically impossible. This motherly instinct gene is used way too generously. All axe murderers, rapists, serial killers and common felons have mothers. Even good law abiding citizens have mothers. It seems that her basic instincts were to break any law that got in the way of her instincts.

He was set up by who or what. Seems you know the intimate details. Please share.

BTW, how legal was your entry?  Are you a stay over also. Just curious. Tell the truth now. No lying allowed, which is something David and Mommy dearest don't seem to understand.

Any feelings about the Boy from Brazil allowing Mommy to do the time for him?


AMEN!!! Missgabyandrade!! Well said!!


I agree with you Missgabyandrade :) . I'm not a mother but I perfectly understand her situation.


You didn't answer my questions so why should I answer yours?

I said I only know what I've been told but KNOWING who this man IS, is enough to know he is innocent. It's none of your business who I am but know this... I have my reasons for knowing without a doubt he is innocent. I BET MY OWN LIFE ON IT. THAT is how sure I am! Therefore they, both him and his mother (who by the way STILL has no idea the details of his case) did what they did because they lost hope. Hope in the justice . Had it been YOUR life on the line... Would you leave it on the same hands of the same system that let Casey Anthony free? Or wait.... Maybe you think SHE was innocent! ;)

By the way, I could care less about the whole Brazilian thing. If that country was so great there wouldn't be so many Brazilians here, and dying to be here. I am no racist though. I will not judge anyone for that is only Gods job.

He blew the country off? Well yes... And I would have done the same thing! I would never let this justice system that is so flawed, determine if I am innocent or not if I know I am, and I'm facing life in prison. Now the only thing here is... Being innocent... If I WERE guilty I would stay and risk it... But since I'm not... Sorry I'm not gonna risk it. The justice system in this country is really screwed up. I mean why... WHY was the police only alerted the next day that his ankle monitor was tampered with????? Sorry, not willing to risk my live on a government that is that incompetent.

And lastly dear "KennyPowersll", NO I do not think all should be forgiven. I actually agree with you on one thing. Deport her now... Why leave her in jail for a whole year (actualy serving 10 months) living off of tax payers dollars like myself and then probation? No, deport her now.

Oh oops almost forgot. I don't have satellite dish... Or cable... I don't watch cable television. I limit myself to one whole hour of TV a day. And it's usually the news ;)

I probably won't be replying to this so... If your angry... Suit yourself and continue being bitter... If not... Ehh who cares... Good day sir.


I only know what I've been told but knowing who this man was is enough to know he was innocent and unlike you yes imwould bet my life on it therefore I have the right to say that. And YOU are sooooooo sure hen was guilty so maybe you know more than I do... Please do share... Tell the truth now....

What makes you think I'm a "stay over"? Why do you ask how legal my entry was? How do you know I wasn't born here? Ohhhhhh because you assume I'm related to the people in this case? So everyone they know and are related to entered this country illegally? Last I checked her 2 younger sons were born in this country...

As far as the boy allowing his mommy to do his time for him I wouldn't know but if I see him I will ask ;)


Well those were "no answer" answers. You don't know he is innocent and only know what others have told you and you rely on your instinct/gut feeling? That is a very flawed method of reasoning. For all of your accusations, you seem to be short on anything except emotion. Would you defend him so vehemently if he wasn't Brazilian, like you? He blew the country off, instead of defending himself in a court of law. He broke his court mandated bail. He destroyed his monitoring device. His mother aided, abetted, obstructed justice and committed fraud, yet you believe all should be forgiven. Maybe that is the way things are done in Brazil/Haiti/Mexico/pick a country.

What direction is your satellite dish pointing?

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