Herman Cain Welcome Sign: "Got Grope?"

Herman Cain sign.jpg
Lisa Rab
A warm South Florida welcome to the pizza king.
Herman Cain is stumping in South Florida today, attempting to revive his sputtering presidential campaign with a $999-a-head fundraiser at the home of Palm Beach Council President David Rosow and a public rally at the Palm Beach County Convention Center. But before he heads over to the island of the rich and famous, he should stop by Harry's Banana Farm in Lake Worth. The dive bar famous for its billboard brilliance has a message for the Pizza King. And as usual, the delivery is impeccable.

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What do make of the last stop on the Cain train being the Everglades Club in Palm Beach ? PB Town Council President David Rosow had the Cain's PB fundraiser at his home followed by a private party at The Everglades Club !!!


First the verdict, then the trial.  The New Times at its liberal best.

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