Google Maps Now Covers the Inside of the Fort Lauderdale Airport -- Why?

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Navigating the Fort Lauderdale airport. For some reason, there's an app for that.
Why you would need a map from Google of the inside of the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is beyond us, but it now exists.

The airport is one of a handful of locations now mapped on the indoors for the Google Maps application for Android devices, and we're still trying to figure out what the point is.

According to the Google, you can now see the indoor floor plans of these locations, with the ability to handle multiple floors, your location, and see points of interest inside the building.

Considering you can't take too many steps before you run into a wall at the Fort Lauderdale airport, it might save you 30 seconds if you're about to die from your lack of greasy food.

Here's Terminal 1 (click for the larger view):

Here's the whole thing:

See, kids, back in our day, we had to look at signs and follow the arrows to the car rental location. Yeah, seriously. You had to starve unless you could navigate yourself to the nearest Chili's.

Click here for all your information on that jazz from Google.

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Seth Platt
Seth Platt

This is probably real handy for tourists, but we'll see how it is updated as they experience changes in the facilities over there.


More data, more better.

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