Fort Lauderdale Asking Residents to "Get Lit" With Mayor Jack Seiler

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This guy's lit.
Here's an opportunity you don't get every day -- "get lit" with the mayor of Fort Lauderdale.

Unfortunately, the November 18 event appears to be related to turning on Christmas lights, not getting wasted with Mayor Jack Seiler -- which is sort of a letdown.

Apparently, Riverwalk Trust and the City of Fort Lauderdale decided to name an event with children's events and the mayor "Get Lit."

If the city ever builds something out of bricks or rocks, it better throw a "get stoned" party with the mayor or this is bogus.

Regardless, you can get lit with the mayor from 5 to 9 p.m. November 18 at Esplanade Park -- and you may or may not be disappointed, based on the city's interpretation of getting lit.

Mayor Seiler is expected to light up (Fort Lauderdale) at 6 p.m. that day.


[h/t: Broward Politics]

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Hey Seiler turn on the bright lights on our corrupt and criminal Fort Lauderdale Police department. this police department and your leadership of Fort Lauderdale is run like a third world country headed by individual warlords. You had the Rothstein scandal where the Fort Lauderdale Officers received stolen money, this money was taken in a crime, yet there has been no call for the officers to return the fruits of the crime. Where is the Integrity? Chief Adderley was tied to Rothstein's hip. Adderlley approved a bodyguard detail, then ordered capt Rick Maglione to investigate the all the officers associated with working the detail including sgt greenlaw and his girlfriend officer who had over site with payment and work hours. There was fraud committed by Greenlaw he was suppose to be working at the police department but he was guarding Rothstein, Greenlaw was allowed to change his day to a vacation day, this FRAUD covered up by rick Maglione. Frances Sousa was filmed kicking an individual in the face he was exonerated. There was an officer who shot a young man at the bus station, this officers account of what occurred is suspect, this officer has a history of not being truthful, yet again this will be covered up. Now there are numerous arrest being made by officers that are falsifying the reports, the "Elite" street crime unit under investigation for planting drugs on people, submitting false records to the courts, false imprisonment. Officers assigned to Internal Affairs received stolen money from the Rothstein detail, officers assigned to internal affairs covering for their spouse that was under criminal investigation.  The citizens of Fort Lauderdale along with the officers not associated with scandal demand a police department that has the honesty and integrity from the top down. Seiler if you don't have the integrity and fortitude to clean up this mess then step down.

BA Lover
BA Lover

Thanks for your opinion Beach Ambassadour, now go back to your caboose


Be very careful messing with the cops. Keep in mind , they have the firepower. Jackie knows that.

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