Florida "Personhood" Referendum Petition Has Fewer Signatures Than Medical Marijuana

Despite the dismal number of signatures collected to put a medical marijuana referendum on Florida ballots next year, the chance that Floridians will be voting on a "personhood" amendment -- like the one that failed in Mississippi last night -- is even lower.

The leader of the Florida movement for the amendment says his group has collected around 20,000 signatures -- below the near 30,000 the medical weed folks have collected and well below the 676,811 needed to show up on ballots in the state.

The actual text of Florida's amendment says, "The words 'person' and 'natural person' apply to all human beings, irrespective of age, race, health, function, condition of physical and/or mental dependency and/or disability, or method of reproduction, from the beginning of the biological development of that human being."

Traditionally, opponents to such an amendment -- like Planned Parenthood -- have said it doesn't just ban abortion but also effectively bans methods of birth control. Some say such an amendment is even more far-reaching than that.

Aside from the technical aspects of what exactly the law does, we're not sure if PersonhoodFL is aware that its 20,000-ish signatures are going to be flushed down the toilet soon.

PersonhoodFL says it's campaigning to make it on the ballot in 2014, so with the recent changes to initiative petition laws -- like the one that says signatures are valid for only two years -- that means they get to start all over again.

It's really not a big difference between needing 656,811 and needing 676,811, but whatever, dude.

Fun fact: PersonhoodFL has a strange fascination with equating abortion and slavery.

There's this one:

In 1808 the window of grace slammed shut and it took bloodshed and hundreds of thousands of lives before America finally birthed the Emancipation Proclamation and recognized the personhood of African Americans. A window of grace is before us again. If we do not whole-heartedly work to establish personhood with all our hearts, our minds, our souls and our strength, our compromise, like the compromise at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, will result not in the possibility of a wider door in the future, but a slamming shut on God's grace yet again.

And this one:

It has been proven that We the People of the United States of America caused slavery to be abolished and women to not be regarded as mere property under the law of the land. I look forward to the day of a New Florida that loves and respects all human life.

It's a little more clear from Pastor Bryan Longsworth:

Abortion kills innocent children, and God hates the hands that shed innocent blood! Proverbs 6:16-19. We live in Florida. We're not going to move so that you can continue to kill innocent baby girls and boys in our state. We will end abortion and protect all innocent human life! You can oppose us if you like, but you will be remembered in history in the same light as those who supported slavery and the Nazi holocaust.

Enough of that. Nothing has a chance of happening until 2014.

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Elliot Miller
Elliot Miller

How is that a "fun fact"? It's one thing to disagree with the moral equivalence of abortion to slavery, but such a comment indicates how lightly you take the termination of innocent human life. (And don't try to argue that it's not human or that it's not alive. There's no good science on which you could base such an argument.)


Okay, we get it.  You dont like abortion.  But is anyone at all putting a gun to your head to get one?  No.  So why is it you Luddites keep trying to do the same to everyone else?  When has it EVER been your business what anyone else is doing with their own bodies?And now you equate it with slavery?  We know your not the brightest bulbs but isnt telling a women she cannot do something that may even save her life EXACTLY like slavery?Damn right wingers, THINK before you say things.

Prof. G
Prof. G

This entire personhood effort is a complete and total waste of time. Justice Blackmun devoted two paragraphs of the majority opinion in Roe v. Wade to the issue of the alleged personhood of the fetus. He concluded that neither side in Roe raised the issue, and the court had never addressed the issue, so it must not be an actual issue -- then or now. The Constitution doesn't say anything about blastulas. It's ridiculous.


Killing unborn children is the very best way the KKK has of exterminating brown skinned people before they can get old enough to vote.  How sneaky of the KKK to found the Choice movement and to gather support for abortion on demand.  Without them, the ghetto would be overflowing with 'lil bastards.  Nasty 'ol KKK.  Obama otta do somp'n right away.


  Hopefully the hard liners will now give up and let a woman decide if she wants to continue the pregnancy

Prof. G
Prof. G

If the so-called right-to-life people are true believers, then I'd like for each one of them to put his or her money where his or her bible is and sign a pledge to adopt, at birth, as child that is scheduled to be aborted as a fetus. You can't be totally irresponsible as an advocate and completely disregard the likely consequences of your demands. If no abortions had been made since Roe was issued, we'd have about 50 million more Americans today. How is that good for the country in ANY way?

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