Earl Rynerson Announces He's Running for Fort Lauderdale Mayor (Again)

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Earl Rynerson
Earl Rynerson -- a constant critic of Fort Lauderdale's current leadership under Mayor Jack Seiler -- announced on Veteran's Day that he'll be running for the mayor's spot again.

Rynerson, who spent 20 years in the military, made the call "official" on his website -- abetterfortlauderdale.com -- although he hasn't yet filed the necessary paperwork.

"I've given it a lot of consideration," he says. "Over the last three years [since the last election], I have enjoyed providing you my thoughts about what is really going on at City Hall, criticizing the actions of a number of people there, offering suggestions and thoughts on how things should be different."

Rynerson has managed to assemble a 20-chapter anthology called "Our Vision of Fort Lauderdale" on his site, in which he outlines his policies and attempts to get people to give a damn about city politics.

Instead of campaigning as a fiscally conservative candidate in 2009, an article from Fox News changed things up a bit, as the headline read, "Gay Candidate for Fort Lauderdale Mayor Has Curious Legal History."

By "curious legal history," Fox News was explaining that Rynerson was involved in a few credit-card disputes -- some of which involved some pornographic purchases -- which Fox News felt the need to describe as "not illegal."

As you can imagine, Rynerson isn't too focused on that in his run for mayor, instead talking about what he's been doing since his last election loss -- trying to stick it to city hall:

I've ruffled the feathers of many of the "Old Guard" here in the City who don't want to see any change (or improvement). They like things just as they are. These people are generally the wealthy, the well-connected, and special interest groups. They've been running things here for decades.

As most of you know by now, I have been particularly disappointed by our elected officials not facing economic realities and looking for ways to reduce spending. Other cities around our country have been successful in making the necessary (and sometimes painful) cuts to their budgets. Yet our budget has grown from $345 Million to $635 million in just the last 8 years. Almost double in size! We have a spending addiction. Our Mayor, rather than reduce spending, continues to hand out pay raises to City employees, and has been raiding the City's savings account to cover the higher costs.

This cannot continue.

The move isn't exactly surprising, as he's been stepping up his online assault of Mayor Seiler in recent days, and the readers of his website appear to be overwhelmingly supportive.

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Bhat Mon
Bhat Mon

Just checked out his site, another guy who thinks he's the smartest guy in the room. His ramblings on trivial subjects are idiotic. I have no problem with a guy who rants on a blog to whatever fool is willing to read it, but he's certainly not worthy of public office. Okay, maybe in San Francisco...

City Activist Robert Walsh
City Activist Robert Walsh

So Earl Rynerson is running again for Mayor. I like to call him afetr the movie the Grifters movie the gay mob boss Bo-Bo Justice. Here he is trashs our police ,fire and admin staff. In other woirds if you did not go to Harvard or Yale and our not Gay then you are worthless, according to Bo-Bo. Every blog he writes about is against the City Staff. Run Earl run. I came close but no cigar in having Mr.Rynerson arrested for illegal campaign manuvers, but was told that the Statue of limitations had past. So if I was close(cigar) he would have been arrested. Run Bo-Bo just don't cheat this time around. Earl Rynerson is a piece of shit in my opinion.


Not being familiar with Earl Ryerson, I took a trip to his website via the link provided in this article.


After reading his diatribe concerning firefighters "buying groceries",as an example, I have reached the conclusion that this man is crazier than a shit house rat and not intelligent enough to hold any public office seat.

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