Crappy Boat Drivers in Boynton Beach Lose Nearly 1,300 Pounds of Weed to the Cops

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Boynton Beach Police Department
Bales o' weed.
When you're bringing more than $1 million worth of weed into Boynton Beach on a boat from the Bahamas, it's probably a good idea to know how to drive said boat.

After Sean Debiase, 42, and Chet Hirshfield, 35, ran their boat into two different sandbars yesterday afternoon -- killing one of the engines -- and then couldn't quite manage docking the boat, a pair of Boynton Beach Police Marine Officers say they went to make sure the guys on the boat were OK and to warn them not to run over manatees.

At a news conference this morning, Officer Darin Hederian said he and another officer began talking to Debiase and Hirschfield, who gave different reasons as to what they were doing on the boat.

Once Officer Gregg Koch got permission from the men to get on their boat and check it out, Hederian says the men ran away.

Koch, still on the boat, realized pretty quickly why the men ran away -- nearly 1,300 pounds of weed in a 31-foot storage console.

Hiderian and three U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents -- who were already in the area of the boat -- caught Debiase and Hirshfield shortly thereafter when they ran into a dead-end.

When the officers were asked what was going through their heads when they realized what they had discovered on the boat, Koch explained that they do those kinds of checks on boats all the time and don't usually find quite what they found. Hiderian butted in, "Jackpot."

Boynton Beach Police Department
The "jackpot."

Debiase, a Delray Beach resident, and Hirshfield, from Palm Beach Gardens, face federal charges of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, according to the cops.

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This is really very sad news that they lost so much weeds. I was not aware of it. I am glad I visited here and come to know about it. I have gathered a huge knowledge being here.


Clearly pot intended for the medical use of some poor old cancer stricken granny.  Evil popo.


as stanhope has said, it's not 1,300 lbs of drugs the cops's so many hundreds of hours of happiness deprived from its intended recipients. :<


Dumb crooks....hehehe

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