New Fast-Ferry Service to Bahamas Will Cost About $100 for a Day Trip; Starts December 9

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A Barcelona-based company that offers fast-ferry service to the Balearic Islands has set up shop in Port Everglades and will soon offer fast-ferry service to the Bahamas in two and a half hours, as we reported Monday.

The ferry Pinar del Rio will travel at 32 knots and carry up to 463 people between Port Everglades (where the boat currently rests) and Freeport, Bahamas. A company spokesperson says tickets should be available starting tomorrow.

The company, Baleària, has also announced prices for the Bahamas express service: $49 each way if you're returning the same day, $79 each way for longer trips (or $90 for first class).

There are also some extra charges, including a $12.50 "operational charge" per crossing and an $18 departure tax from the Bahamas.

Some pictures inside the cabins, courtesy of the company:


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How do we sign up for a day trip and what are the times and rates


There were some problems with the launching date.  Is it running now?

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