Southwest Ranches Town Council Promises Meeting for Feedback on ICE Detention Center

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Are ICE officials ready to listen to this?
The Southwest Ranches Town Council has announced the time of a proposed meeting between local residents and officials from Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to discuss a controversial new immigrant detention facility project that town officials appear to have been trying to move forward with as little public involvement as possible. 

Town Attorney Keith Poliakoff previously told the Pulp that "Despite the fact that [the facility] could be built tomorrow, the town has respectfully requested a meeting with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, whereby the town hopes to create a forum whereby [lawyers say "whereby" a lot] all residents can ask any additional questions they may have concerning this facility."

Those residents will doubtless have a lot of questions to ask.

A coalition of local residents who are opposed to the facility, including Ryann Greenberg and Bill Di Scipio, were in attendance at last night's council meeting, though there was no planned protest march, as was the case last time.

The meeting was the Town Council's last in a doublewide trailer on property being leased from the South Broward Drainage District. The council plans to move into a new town hall today. It may take a while to get their computer systems back online, so the numerous public-records requests lodged by the citizen activists may get stalled by the move. 

However, town officials announced that the meeting about the facility will take place on Saturday, November 5, at 10 a.m. They did not announce a place for the meeting. Greenberg immediately sent out a news release to the anti-prison mailing list announcing the meeting. No further details are available as of this morning.

We'll bring you full coverage when it happens.

Stefan Kamph is a New Times staff writer.
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South Broward
South Broward

Glad to see they are finally going to build this!  I've been looking for a job in the construction industry for nearly 8 months.  Hope they agree to hire local.  I've read all the stuff on this and there is no one who can honestly say that they knew nothing about this.  Instead, the anti-deportation group is simply stirring up a done deal, and some desperate residents who had their heads in the sand, are taking their bait.  Hope ICE announces that they will start construction this weekend!  


the Southwest ranches attorney asked for the meeting with ICE. What a freaking joke.  The meeting was schedule due to an email Congresswoamn Debbie Wasserman Schultz sent to Mayor Nelson stating  that ALOT of her voters have been protesting and screaming "foul" to the way SouthWest Ranches has been taking care of the people they were elected to represent!!!

the least they (SWR town and the attorney) wanted was a meeting between citizens of SWR, PP and weston,  they only did it because a higher power told them to do it.


This is a place where they expect free services from all of the neighboring cities but still "wants to maintain the ranches lifestyle". From what I see, there will be a percentage of the ranches residents taking residence in the ICE facility.

Bill Di Scipio
Bill Di Scipio

 Free services?  I don't think so.  We pay dearly for our EMS/Fire/Police.  Many of us pump and treat our own water, and pay for and maintain our own streets.  Nice try.  You should all try to decouple from your over dependence.

In any event, according to ICE employee Lindsey Cole, as of appx 4:00 PM on Friday night, ICE was did not firm up the tentative meeting with an actual commitment.

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