Private Prison Contractor, Homeland Security "Asked" Southwest Ranches Council Not to Talk

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CCA says "STFU!"
​Here in Florida, we have a broad array of sunshine laws designed to promote open government. Local governments routinely have to disclose information simply because citizens ask for it. But apparently there's one thing that can clamp the mouths of local officials for good: a private prison contractor asking nicely.

Bill Di Scipio is a Southwest Ranches resident who has vocally opposed the planned construction of an 1,800-bed immigrant detention facility that would be run by Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), a private prison contractor. At a Town Council meeting on September 22, he asked why council members had told him they weren't allowed to discuss the facility. (Read about another council member's unusual response to his request.)

After the public comment period, Vice Mayor Freddy Fisikelli asked the town's longtime lawyer, Keith Poliakoff, for an explanation.

Fisikelli: Keith... explain to him why we're doing the cone of silence?

Poliakoff: To answer your question, the request for the council to not get into anything until something is, uh, known was requested by a combination of CCA and Homeland Security. At this point, there's nothing new, there's no contract proposal, there's no formal award, there's no IGA (intergovernmental agreement), there's nothing. There's nothing new on that, one iota. 

Fisikelli: So it's not the town that the cone of silence, it's the people we're dealing with.

Poliakoff: We've been asked by Homeland Security and CCA. 

Fiskielli: That's what I think we need to let the people know.

Poliakoff: But there's nothing new.

Well, we wouldn't be able to confirm that, since the request of a notoriously secretive government agency and a publicly traded corporation is enough to make a town's lawyer advise council members not to speak. That was the end of CCA discussion for the evening. 

We have a call out to Poliakoff for more information on the nature and legal weight of this "request" and will update if he responds.

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Homeland Security and ICE have an obligation to share this information with the public.  They have released copious info on FOIAs, but they are so heavily redacted to be almost worthless.  There has to be corruption involved with multiple parties.


Stefan, some basic fact checking would serve you well. The facility is approved for 1500 beds not 1800 as you continue to write.

Incredulous 1 Like

Rockstar, quit your lying subterfuge.  Kamph cited the facts in another article where he responded to this claim.


Incredulous: Rather than just believing what I hear, I actually looked it up this weekend, and you are incorrect.  The CCA site is only approved for 1500 beds.  They wanted to increase it to more, but withdrew their application.  So regardless of what ICE may be looking for, they are limited to the 1500 beds previously approved. 

Notprisontown 1 Like

Maybe you should also read what they say amongst themselves.  They have said that the will seek to increase the size of the facility at a later date.

Mig26x 1 Like

We have information from ICE and CCA that they have NOT told SWR that they cannot talk.  Its all SWR. They are so afraid of the backlash from their citizens they invented this "they told us we cant talk".  SWR has destroyed the "american dream" of SWR and Pembroke Pines.


Mig26x:  I actually like to see things for my self.   What information do you have from ICE?  I'd love to see it, since all I saw was a letter from SWR confirming with ICE that they are to direct questions directly to ICE.  I did a records request and could not find anything to the contrary.

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