Shaq Says He's "Running" for Lake County Undersheriff, in an Election That Doesn't Exist

Former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal spends a lot of time pretending he's a policeman.

When the Big Aristotle/Shaqtus/Shaq-Fu/whatever announced his retirement in June, he said he planned on running for sheriff of Lake County or Orange County at some point in the future.

According to an interview O'Neal did with the New York Times over the weekend, he's made up his mind -- he's entering an election that he may not know doesn't exist.

The Times asked O'Neal how his law-enforcement career was going, to which he replied, "I'm going to be running for undersheriff in Lake County, Fla."

Undersheriff, or "chief deputy," as it's called in Lake County, is a position filled by appointment, as the spot for sheriff is the only law-enforcement spot filled by election.

Still, when O'Neal was toying with the idea shortly after his retirement, the Orlando Sentinel noted that Lake County already had a chief deputy, and he told the paper he didn't really have any plans of leaving the sheriff's office.

That's a Shaqtus.

Either way, if you're not familiar with O'Neal's history of "police work," we advise that you read the cover story from our sister paper, Phoenix New Times, which details all that great cop stuff he's done -- or the cover story from our compadres to the south, Miami New Times (because everyone's supposed to double-team Shaq, right?)

He's about as good at playing policeman as his role as a giant genie in Kazaam, which currently sits at a 2.5/10 rating on IMDb.

Shaq also noted in his interview with the Times that he would've been an FBI agent had he not played professional basketball.

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Shaq is really a good boy although he looks like a bad man. I think he is very lovely. I like him very much.

City Activist Robert Walsh
City Activist Robert Walsh

I don't know why shaq doesn't run fro Broward County Sheriff -I mean anyone is better and can beat Big Al there(lamberti). Take your demand letters to Ft.lau and shove them up your ass Al. The Ft'lau Comm. might be intimidated by you,(expection of Bruce roberts-lets not push it), but I'm certainly not. Holding are 911 dispatch service as some type of ploy or stragety to get what you want is not right. Besides you keep streaching Ft.lau had a year (plus) to settle this why did you not come forward months ago? I would imagine since this such an issue and crisis.And whers Wilton Manors in all this? (Pay up) No they have a jackass for a Mayor(Resnick) who's to busy threatening the county that he will sue them if he can't lobby in front of them.Pack up -your done also....

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