Florida Democratic Party's New Fundraising Technique: Identifying the "Rickpublicans"

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Forget Kevin Bacon. The Florida Democratic Party is playing the "Six Degrees of Rick Scott."

How do you play? Well, apparently by launching a website identifying the state's "Rickpublicans."

Sure enough, hometown favorite Rep. Allen West landed a Bacon Rick number of one, with a direct connection to the governor.

"No surprise here: these two Tea Party extremists continue their support for a slash-and-burn approach to cutting critical service for Floridians, all the while padding their Tea Party cronies with plush government jobs," the Dems write.

You can also click on West's head and watch him creepily float around toward the governor, and it's kind of scary.

Anyway, how does one score the awesome title of a "Rickpublican?" Definition provided:

noun 1. Proper name for Florida Republicans wrought with greed and corruption who are hell-bent on selling out to the corporations and special interests while leaving Florida's middle class families out-to-dry.

Alongside good ol' West are the Republicans vying for their party's nomination for the U.S. Senate race -- Adam Hasner, Mike McCalister, and George LeMeiux -- as well as Reps. Vern Buchanan and David Rivera.

The governor is also the focus of several "fails" on the website, including education fails, quality of life fails, jobs fails, and ethics fails under his brief reign over the state.

Click here to check out the Dems' "Rickpublicans" website, including their fundraising pitch -- and we'll mention again -- a really scary floating picture of Allen West.

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Bobby Buccellato
Bobby Buccellato

we all need to raise the level of public debate in  this country. Scott is trying to undercut voting rights, talk about that.It took obama three years to have a jobs plan, talk about that. Have elections about the issues and keep it clean!


Hardly shocking.  All repubs on the right wing are nothing more than corporate shills, and the tea baggers are the worst.Just need to spread that message.  Maybe the tea baggers will figure things out an finally figure out they are helping the enemy.

Tanya Grimsley
Tanya Grimsley

This is laughable! We need a new term Obamacrats WOW that would wipe out ALL the lib Dems wrought with greed and corruption who are hell-bent on selling out to the corporations and special interests while leaving AMERICAN families out-to-dry. You all are hypocrites and will never stop the spin on your lies and half truths. You spew things about Gov Scott that suit you but you don't dare point fingers at your precious Democrat counter parts. So much for unbiased reporting. Certainly will not frequent this publication again.

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