Rick Scott Had a Higher Approval Rating Than Another Human Being for Seven Days

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Illustration by Miche Ratto
A couple weeks ago, Gov. Rick Scott's approval rating reached an all-time high of 37 percent.

Since his approval rating has hovered between hemorrhoids and a ham sandwich for the past few months, it's been hard to actually compare his ratings to another human being.

However, we found that not only did Scott have a higher approval rating than another person for seven whole days, that other person was actually another governor -- Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

On September 19, a Quinnipiac University poll found Scott's approval rating to be 37 percent, eclipsing Kasich's August 14 rating of 36 percent.

At that point, Scott was dethroned as the least popular governor in the United States -- a title he's held since March. (That's a different title from "Worst Governor Ever.")

Scott held the title of not-least popular governor for a total of seven days -- until they polled Kasich again, who registered a 40 percent approval rating on September 26.

Unfortunately for Scott, there's no re-polling in the "Worst Governor Ever" contest.

You can find the results from all polls testing both governors' approval ratings below:

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Hung Lo
Hung Lo

When referring to these years in the future they will be referred to as the years when we didn't have a governor, much the same as the president.  He would like to be referred to as the first black president however as much as it hurts, he is the first "half black" president!  Close but no cigar.  Also, since he is not all that pleased with the white part of his race hopefully the white part won't be so pleased with him when it comes to election time!

Hung Lo
Hung Lo

I'll show my approval at the polls!

City Activist Robert Walsh
City Activist Robert Walsh

Sothe goober Gov. get his hair-cut at Super Cuts. Approval of him my ass.Everything so far has been struck down by the Court. From his business regulation(wanted to cut the red tape, to the prison guards over throwing his privateization of the prisons). So what has he done? Nothing but make his rich asc. to himself even more money. Solantic walkin clinics ring a bell there Goober? Which by the way he put in his wife's name. Same guy that paid back Medicare millions of dollars to keep his skinny bald headed ass out of prison.

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