Rick Scott Uses an Executive Order to Complain About Florida Supreme Court Decision

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Why you mad, though?
After the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Gov. Rick Scott's executive order to suspend rulemaking in the executive branch agencies was unconstitutional, he decided to issue a new executive order to complain about the decision.

The court had ruled 5-2 that it's not the governor's job to suspend rulemaking, and now the governor apparently thinks it's his job to tell the state's highest court how to make decisions.

"Whiny" would be one way to describe the new executive order refuting his loss in Whiley v. Scott:

The order claims that the Supreme Court "failed to address and apply the plain meaning of the first and sixth sections of Article IV of the Constitution of the State of Florida, and thereby unreasonably restrains the power of the Governor with respect to the supervision of agency heads."

That was the first of six specific statements Scott's order makes against the court's decision and how wrong he thinks the justices are.

Whereas, the dissenting opinions of two Justices in the Whiley case state the correct interpretation of the Constitution of the State of Florida and present persuasive reasoning and arguments in support of that interpretation; and

Whereas, notwithstanding the above, the majority opinion in Whiley is to be afforded the deference due a judgment of the Supreme Court of the State of Florida.

Now, therefore, I, Rick Scott, as Governor of Florida, by virtue of the authority vested in me by Article IV of the Florida Constitution, and all other applicable laws, do hereby promulgate the following Executive Order, to take immediate effect:

That's the bottom of page five, where the moaning stops and the actual executive order starts.

Now, instead of completely suspending rulemaking for the Office of Fiscal Accountability and Regulatory Reform, he's just added extra roadblocks to the process.

Read the entire order below:

Rick Scott Executive Order October 19

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Hung Lo
Hung Lo

Whereas the governor is sticking it to the taxpayers, non-stop to help out his buddies at FPL!

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

I know he's an expert in the 5th amendment. He invoked it 75 times when he was asked questions about his company's fraud.


Long live the King. Long live the King. Arrogant a hole that he is. Bring back the guillotine.


Way to run around the constitution there Scott...whats that word I am thinking of?  Oh yes, UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

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