Rick Scott Pretends a Foreign Vacation Brought a Company to Florida... Again

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Wow! Gov. Rick Scott just left for Brazil a few days ago, and he's already announced that he brought over a Brazilian company to create 75 whole jobs at an average salary of $62,000!

Just like he waited until he went to Canada to announce a months-old deal he wasn't even a part of, Scott decided to announce another stale deal while he's off doing whatever it is that he does during a "trade mission" to Brazil.

According to a trade lead from Enterprise Florida, he could've told you America's Natural Caffeine was setting up shop in Florida a while ago.

The lead, dated June 1, describes that America's Natural Caffeine "is in the process of opening a facility in Florida" and was looking to buy a few hundred thousand liters of cereal alcohol.

A news release from the governor's office -- with a dateline of "São Paulo, Brazil" -- describes America's Natural Caffeine as a "Brazilian company," although it's likely they would have filed as a "foreign limited liability company" or "other business entity" with the Florida Division of Corporations when they started up America's Natural Caffeine, instead of filing as a Florida LLC that operates its principal office on Brickell Avenue in Miami.

Either way, America's Natural Caffeine is opening a manufacturing plant in Palm Beach to produce caffeine from guarana, with a $25 million investment. How much Scott actually had to do with this is hard to tell.

The records request was sent in yesterday to find out how much taxpayer coin was spent on the vacation trade mission, although we haven't gotten any evidence of trades going down, unless the governor has plans to acquire Christ the Redeemer:


Here's the breaking news the governor waited until his trip to Brazil to announce:
America's Natural Caffeine

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i think its just a project which is to be implemented its not easy to have this jobs for just a few days of travel i don't think its easy to have it

Hung Lo
Hung Lo

The pisser of em all is the bit with FPL.  We get a rate increase so that FPL can build new electric plants however there is no requirement that they commit to using the money for the stated purpose.  All of this schitt is on Scott's watch!

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

There is a saying in Brazil.............Popozuda.

It means,  Big Ass!


David Britto was Scott's lead man on this venture.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

700,000 jobs needs75 jobs per Brazilian trip9,333 trips needed3,987 miles between Tallahassee and Brasilia74,421,342 miles traveled$1,364 cost of Delta round trip trip ticket (coach)$12,730,212 in airfare6,215,778 tons of CO2 emissions1.2431556e+10 pounds of CO2 emissions

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