Patrick Murphy: Allen West's Campaign Donors Are Tea Party "Whacktivists"

Maybe you should get your hands on a dictionary.
Well, here's one way to explain the $3 million difference between the fundraising totals of Rep. Allen West ($4.1 million) and hopeful Democratic challenger Patrick Murphy ($1.1 million): 50,000 Tea Party "whacktivists" across the country are signing checks made out to West.

That's from an email the Murphy campaign sent out to supporters last night, coupled with Murphy's interpretation of the latest GOP presidential debate.

It's hard to verify whether 50,000 "whacktivists" sent checks to West -- in part because it's not a real word -- although his donors are supporting a man who has announced a prophecy that the United States of America will cease to exist in 24 years.

Then again, West has also made it clear: "I am no extremist."

Well, he also made it clear that he is an extremist.

Whatever, dude.

Let's ignore the details and focus on the amusing email.

Here's the text:

If you saw last night's Republican presidential debate, I'm sure that like me, you were struck by the extreme rhetoric and positions of each of the candidates. Although they are far out of step with the mainstream in America, it is clear now, more than ever, the Tea Party is driving the national dialogue for Republicans and trying to force their ultra right-wing agenda on our country.

I started my campaign for Congress seven months ago because I could no longer sit back and let the Tea Party hijack our country by dismantling the middle-class and stripping us of our civil liberties.

Last week, my Republican opponent and Tea Party darling Allen West released his fundraising numbers for the quarter. Overall, he has raised $4 million from 50,000 Tea Party "whacktivists" across the country. ALLEN WEST AND THE TEA PARTY MUST BE STOPPED NOW!

Let's show them that progressives like us ARE the majority in this country -- the mainstream.

I am challenging you to contribute $10 to my campaign today and to then forward this email on to three friends who will sign-up to support my campaign.


With warm regards,

Patrick Erin Murphy, CPA

Maybe West is planning on giving Murphy the David Brady/Ron Klein treatment -- ya know, the "we're going to give him a Southern-fried butt-whoopin' come next Tuesday" plan.


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I just think Patrick is the best for my district. He  is real with a CPA back round which is what we need in Florida. He shows care for people  an d understands their problems .

He may have a family with financial stability but he does most certainly understands foreclosures, senior citizens issues, jobs and all the issues Florida is now having to deal with.the all over Florida. I wish people would meet the candidate before judgements are made on them without any basis at all . Because he knows what he has earned and worked hard for is all more of the reason why he wants that for his district. This candidate worked for anything he has and will was NOT given to him!! Activist Toni


This is the same Patrick Murphy who donated money to the campaign of a self-proclaimed "Jeb Bush Republican."

Ft. Lauderdale Resident
Ft. Lauderdale Resident

Here's the thing....Allen West is definitely out there, no doubt about that, but I'm not sure what Patrick Murphy really knows about the "Middle" Class.  His father is one of the largest developers in the State of Florida and possibly the Southeast.  Check out Coastal Construction where he is an employee of his father's company.  Unfortunately, I think this is just another example of a well to do individual entering the political landscape....whether it's for the altruistic cause of actually helping or is self serving is yet to be seen.  Keep in mind though, whether a Republican or Democrat, chances are these guys are likely far from the middle class.-Registered Independent


Dear Mr. Murphy. Set up a Paypal account to receive funds from the grassroots.

Virgil Starkwell
Virgil Starkwell

"Whacktivists"? And the entire time I thought they were fucktards.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

So don't take from Medicare to give to socialized medicine?

Seems that critical thinking is in short supply here.

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