UPDATED:Palm Beach Post Lays Off Twenty Employees

More journalists will be out of work.
The Palm Beach Post laid off "more than" 20 people today, adding to the more than 300 jobs the newspaper cut three years ago.

With papers across the country shrinking, shifting, and shutting down, Post Publisher Tim Burke blamed the economic downtown for the latest cutbacks.

Insiders say four of the employees worked in editorial. We'll update if/when more details become available.

UPDATE: Read Burke's memo to employees after the jump:
From: Burke, Tim (CMG-WestPalm)
Sent: Friday, October 14, 2011 11:52 AM
To: All PBNI Employees
Subject: Important Company Announcement from Tim

To all employees:

There is never a good time or the right words to let you know we have informed more than 20 of our employees that their jobs are being eliminated. Unfortunately, the latest economic downturn forced us to adjust our recently completed 2012 budget projections and say goodbye to our colleagues and friends. Though we are beginning to rebound from some tough summer months, we are still projecting year-over-year declines in revenues next year that necessitate this difficult decision.

Many of those affected will be leaving today, while several other employees will be staying between now and the end of the year to ensure a smooth hand-off of responsibilities. You will hear from your direct supervisor how these departures affect you or your department.

I realize this news is unsettling, especially in light of the NOM project involving the consolidation of various functions at our newspapers. These changes we are making in the short term are due to our own location needs and are not tied directly to NOM. Though there has been a slight delay in finalizing recommendations, I still expect to be able to give you a full update on the consolidation project by month's end.

Every employee who is leaving us as a result of today's announcement is being provided with financial assistance and transition resources through Human Resources, including the opportunity to apply for positions at other Cox properties. Our newspapers and Cox Media Group will continue to treat our employees with dignity and sensitivity. I also know and expect that all of you will show your colleagues the utmost respect, and wish them the best. I will continue to communicate with you promptly.

Please don't hesitate to speak with me, your manager or any member of the senior team if you have questions or need more information.


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The reason the Post is shrinking is because it is not providing anything worth reading.  There's a concept they might try exploring.


Now I wonder if those who voted for 0bama will do it again?  How many people have to lose their jobs and become homeless before more people wake up?  And more important will the newspapers and main stream media NOW start to show people what 0bama and progressive liberals are really doing this country?  The time for political correctness it over!  WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!


nice to know you are helping people with the transition Tim....

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