Occupy Demonstration Leads to Arrest of Bo Diddley's Son -- In Park Named After His Father

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Ellas Anthony McDaniel, the son of Bo Diddley (left), after last night's arrest at Occupy Gainesville.
A 56-year-old man was arrested last night during a demonstration held by Occupy Gainesville in the Bo Diddley Community Plaza, and of all the people to be arrested, it was the son of blues legend Bo Diddley.

Before his arrest, Ellas Anthony McDaniel was explaining that police were trying to get the demonstrators out of the park, while McDaniel was standing on the "First Amendment Podium" -- a block around a foot high that reads, among other things, "Freedom of Speech."

"Against our Constitutional rights to gather -- to peacefully gather -- so yes, they're trying to get us to leave," McDaniel said. "But I don't think my father would have something like that."

According to the Occupy Gainesville group, McDaniel -- who lives in Gainesville -- was among four to six people arrested in the park that night for trespassing in the park after public hours.

Occupy Gainesville had already run into opposition from the city before last night -- when the group applied for a permit to gather in the plaza, they wrote on the application that they wanted to occupy the park from October 12 to December 31 of next year. The city said October 12 only, and get out by 11:30 p.m.

Check out the video of McDaniel's arrest below (fast-forward to around 1:12 if you just want to see the arrest):

McDaniel was booked, given a court date, and later released.

Click here for more information on last night's happenings on the Occupy Gainesville website, which includes a video of another man being arrested after being asked by the cops to leave, he stepped up onto the "First Amendment Podium" instead.

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What part of 'after hours' is too complex for a bleeding heart to understand.  They can rant and rave until their audience drools during the daylight.  Only a moron would claim their rights were violated after they broke the posted regulations.  BTW the rules were posted because the locals insist on robbing, raping and murdering each other in the park after dark.  The rules have nothing to to with 'freedom to act the fool'.  SMDrPrepper would have them arrested if they did the same thing in his yard all night long.


You know, if these" Occupy"  protesters were over  in Egypt or Yemen, we would be parachuting stinger  missiles to them so they could attack their "oppressive" government,

What the f*ck is so wrong about their airing their grievances--some of which are very legit.  Why are they getting attacked and locked up?


How nasty can it get out there?  Arrested on something dedicated to the freedoms we are supposed to be guaranteed in this country.  When will they start arresting tea baggers who are actually violent?

David Cody
David Cody

You may be thinking of Bo Derek!! Bo Diddley is a singer/musician.

Debbie Does The Democrats
Debbie Does The Democrats

Hey Tea Baggie, Tea Party Folks are not violent, it is the occupy protesters who are violent, shitting on police cars, burning and shitting on the U.S. flag, destroying public property, littering and just all around stinking up everything they touch.


Yeah you tea baggers are not violent at all.  As long as you ignore them throwing bricks through windows, shooting offices up, oh an trying to blow up a senators house (actually screwing that up an going after his brother in law).  Not to mention the intimidating of anyone who doesn't believe EXACTLY what you believe..Meanwhile the OWS guys sing and play in drum circles.  Oh an clean up after themselves, a story that your uber fuher FOX must have missed.  Violence?  Not a word of it anywhere INCLUDING FOX. 

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