Occupy Fort Lauderdale Gets the Boot Again

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Occupy Fort Lauderdale's residency in Wilton Manors was a bit short-lived.

After the Downtown Development Authority informed protesters it was going to close Bubier Park in Fort Lauderdale from 2 to 6 a.m. and ban tents and tarps from the park, the group picked up and moved to Equality Park in Wilton Manors.

Then came an email yesterday from the executive director of the Pride Center at Equality Park saying they support the movement but they can't let the group set up shop at their place.

Here's the email Occupy Fort Lauderdale posted from Executive Director Paul Hyman:

Thanks for your message. I've obtained information that results in our not being able to continue to host the Occupy Fort Lauderdale group on our property, beyond this afternoon. I realize this is inconsistent with my previous statement about the group's being able to remain here until tomorrow.

Here's why: our property insurance agent indicates that Occupy Fort Lauderdale's presence is deemed a "civil commotion" by our policy and is not covered. So even though we are not charging any fees /rent to the group, should anyone be hurt either by an outside attack, by each other or otherwise, we have no liability coverage for your presence here. Additionally, our certificate of occupancy with the City only allows for operations that occur within the two buildings that we occupy. Certain exterior areas are zoned 'light industrial', therefore they are not available for use until our master planning process and rezoning are completed.

The work of the Occupy movement, and that of Occupy Fort Lauderdale, is highly consistent with our mission. Over time, we would be happy to support the group in other ways-- with the use of interior space for specific events, outreach support--as we do other community groups. However, the exterior 'base camp' will need to be discontinued, by the end of business today--no later than 6pm.

We are honored to have provided very short-term assistance, since yesterday. And we respect and support your efforts to raise awareness of unworkable economic and social conditions in our community.

Paul Hyman
Executive Director
The Pride Center at Equality Park

For now, the occupation is homeless, although the general assembly meetings will be held daily back at Bubier Park.

The next demonstration for the group is planned for Saturday at 11 a.m. starting outside Fort Lauderdale's federal courthouse.

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"The Pride Center at Equality Park."  What a load of bullshit. Go to L'il Debbie's or Buckwheat's district and "demonstrate" there,  LOSERS.

Robert Rivera
Robert Rivera

Awesome dont give us you have a right to work and live in your community we have to many people with big heads that are no no smarter than the next man .We have people with degrees with no jobs and nothing to work for .Dignity is the only thing worth living for .Dont let people tell you you cant work and live here .


Awfully tepid, as occupations go. Where's the civil disobedience?


Maybe they should just unburden society and hang themselves?


B of A on 17th street would be a nice location, has nice grassy area and shaded. Also several banks located within 4 block area. Would love to hear the fife and drum corps that is part of the entourage, lots of restaurant dumpster's, ample parking.Mayor John P. "Jackoph" Seiler was not giving you the "thumbs up" it was the other finger he was holding up. Adderley is just a yes man.


Back up, sparky. When injustice becomes law, protest becomes duty. (Protestors have permission to use that for on a sign)

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