Surprise: Rapist/Triple Murderer Oba Chandler Doesn't Want to Be Executed

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Florida Department of Corrections
Oba Chandler
Rapist and three-time murderer Oba Chandler, who's scheduled to be receive his lethal injection at 4 p.m. on November 15, doesn't want to be executed. Imagine that.

Chandler's lawyer filed a motion in a circuit court today seeking to have Chandler's death sentence thrown out, claiming the state's judicial method of death-penalty sentences violates the Sixth Amendment.

The claim is that by the state's procedure of having a judge impose the death penalty, it violates a defendant's right to a jury trial. The jury actually recommended that Chandler receive the death penalty, but since the judge is the one who actually imposed it, this will likely have to occupy time in a courtroom.

Chandler, 65, was the second recipient of a death warrant under Gov. Rick Scott's governorship, and has been hanging out on death row for the past 17 years.

According to the Florida Commission on Capital Cases, Chandler killed Joan Rogers and her two daughters, Michelle and Christe, more than 22 years ago.

Rogers and her two daughters were on vacation in Tampa from Ohio and checked into their hotel on June 1, 1989.

After a week of noticing that the family hadn't been in the hotel room, housekeeping staff called the cops. Police found Rogers' car abandoned near the Courtney Campbell Causeway, with a brochure inside containing directions written by Chandler.

The cops found all three of the women on June 4 -- naked from the waist down, arms and legs bound, with a cinder block tied by a rope around their necks.

Autopsy results showed the women died either from asphyxiation from the ropes around their necks or from drowning, and police said Chandler sexually assaulted Rogers.

After police made a connection between the murders and another rape in the area -- which was printed in local news reports -- Chandler left the area.

He lived with his family for the next few years -- including some time spent in Broward County -- before finally being arrested and charged in September 1992.

Since his conviction, Chandler has lost seven appeals of his death sentence in various courts.

And now there's an eighth.

Tip: if you're trying to avoid execution in Florida, don't rape people and murder a family.

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You don't have to execute these animals.  Simply TORTURE them daily while they are waiting for lethal injection and they will kill themselves.  The state only has to leave 15 feet of rope in their cell and a wall mounted peg.  I would have volunteered for a few sessions  and allowed a nest of fire ants to feed on his noodle for a few hours.  Then, it would be time for few techniques used by Caligula on his enemies. I suspect he would have strung himself up shortly afterwards.


This piece of s**t should be taken out in a boat, tied up, raped by a cattle prod, and thrown overboard alive with a cinder block tied around his fu**ing neck.  Go to hell, scumbag, where you can be tortured by demons for eternity.  Should have happened about 20 years ago. 

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

>> Tip: if you're trying to avoid execution in Florida, don't rape people and murder a family.

Or move to New Jersey, where $250 million dollars and twenty years later, they didn't execute a single person on death row -- and that state ultimately decided it was cheaper, saner, and more reasonable to warehouse these shitbirds.


@mrebate  Yes he deserved death.  A clean death.  Real justice cannot be meant in this life.  Torture is not justice...nor does any man have any right other than I believe to keep innocent people safe.  It's clear this man alive would always be a threat, so vile that he needed to be put down.  But if a society tortures a trespasses; thus I strongly disagree.


@Brambles  Um...I think he is already in hell probably.  But as for demons torturing him for eternity; evil does not get a free pass; hell is their abode too.


@Chaz Stevens, Genius  ...'saner' to keep alive someone as vile as Chandler & place other innocent people (i.e. prison staff, other inmates, etc) at risk for murder by this narcissist psychopath?  Um...I don quite think so.  I'm not happy anyone is executed, but if he truly did his (as it seems he did); it was  justice and civility.

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