West Palm Beach Head Shop Workers Busted for Allegedly Selling Fake Weed

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Not weed. But still not legal.
The main problem with selling the false weed commonly known as "spice" -- it's illegal too.

The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrested 37-year-old Monica Lee, owner of the Hidden Treasure Smoke Shop in West Palm Beach, and one of her employees, 27-year-old Hope Shipley, on several felony charges.

Apparently, the PBSO's narcotics division spent three months investigating and buying "several products" from the place.

A chemist tested the goods, and sure enough, the sheriff's office says the substances tested positive for synthetic cannabinoids, which became illegal in March after being added to Schedule 1 of the Controlled Substances Act.

Lee, the owner, has been charged with one count of possessing property for the sale of a controlled substance and one count of selling a controlled substance -- both felonies.

Shipley faces three counts of selling a controlled substance, which are felonies as well.

Here's the PSA from the sheriff's office about selling fake weed:

PBSO strongly encourages those outlets that are still currently offering these products for sale to immediately stop these sales and properly dispose of their current inventory of such products. As the investigation into these sales by the Narcotics is on-going, those outlets that choose to continue selling these products face the risk of being arrested on felony charges.

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good to know hard working americans tax dollars are going into months of investigation and chemical analysis of a safe plant.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

First the Authorities take away the GOP's gawd given right to have sex with dogs and now this?


Can't a man smoke some patchouli in peace without getting a ration of shit from the po-po?


how about getting the roxy's off the streets. those things are destroying lives and families. oh wait to many politicians making many on those!

Jon G
Jon G

nothing f***ing better to do with their budget......


Its fake stuff and it is harming are youth read articles about this shit . thats why they pulled and bained it from being sold.


Uhm are u stupid? There's thousands of people dying from over doses of some way harder drugs than fake weed. Stfu and crawl back into the hole u live in and keep to urself.

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