For Some Reason, a Video Exists of the Serial Pooper in Action (NSFW)

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Ocala Police Department
Kenneth Martin Sarsony doesn't always poop, but when he does, he apparently prefers to be in a learning environment.
We're not sure who the first person was who asked the cops, "Hey, can we get a video of that guy taking a poop at the middle school?" but we can tell you the answer to that question was "yes."

As you may recall, 23-year-old Kenneth Martin Sarsony was arrested late last week and identified by Ocala cops as the man who repeatedly took his dumps outside the same classroom at Fort King Middle School.

Sarsony allegedly left around five stool samples at the middle school over the past month, and we're just not sure what we'd do without video proof of one of his special deliveries.

Here's the video, and no, we don't know what kind of person poops standing up:

Sarsony was charged with five counts of trespassing on school property, and according to the Marion County Sheriff's Office, he was released from jail after posting $2,500 bond.

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Lee Valey
Lee Valey


Is he eating a sandwich?!?

Did he just wipe with his bare hand then touch his sandwich?

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