Florida Driver's Licenses Now Tradable for South Korean Driver's Licenses

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If you've ever wondered how to finally get your own face and name on a South Korea driver's license, the process has finally been streamlined.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles announced that an agreement signed between Florida and South Korea allows most people with a Florida driver's license to go to South Korea and pick up a new license, no questions asked.

"A Floridian who is age 18 or older, possesses a driver license, and lives in South Korea can now exchange his/her driver license for a South Korean noncommercial driver license without taking the written or skills tests," the agency says. "The same goes for a South Korean living in Florida who meets the same criteria."

President Obama recently signed a new free-trade agreement with South Korea, Panama, and Colombia that now allows us to do cool stuff like get your very own made-in-Korea driver's license, and a South Korean official says the agreement will bring more people from the country to Florida.

"The agreement streamlines the exchange process for valid South Korean license holders residing in Florida while valid Florida license holders residing in the Republic of Korea enjoy the same benefit," says He Beom Kim, a representative from the country's police agency. "The agreement is another symbol of our strong relationship with the State of Florida and will encourage South Korean visitors to come to Florida."

A state transportation official called the need for South Koreans to take a test for the driver's license in Florida "redundant," just as it would be to force Floridians to take the test in South Korea.

Now, Floridians get to skip that silly South Korean driver's exam, which took one woman 950 attempts to pass.

If you're a South Korean looking to swap for that fresh new Florida license, click here for the requirements.

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as for the comments make previously by a well established individual who clearly understand foreign policy and Korean history...I think this is a great idea... the us and south korea always had a good standing with one another and I think it is smart for president obama and his team to open the lines of communication and trust with other nations this way it allows for people to experience different cultures with ease.

Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius


Someone needs to reach out to Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper's son Matt... You remember him?  Collects driver's licenses...

Had five different states at last count.

Maybe he can take his collection international!

Hung Lo
Hung Lo

I guess we don't have enough problems yet.  Now we are dancing with the gooks!  I guess we will allow North Korean Driver Licenses next because for sure Obama will be offering the same trade deals to the North as we gave to the South or that crazy North Korea SOB who looks like he just woke up from a dead sleep will start threatening us again!

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