FIU Football Fans Trolling the Golden Panthers' Home Games

I see you driving 'round town with the meme I love.
If you happened to attend Florida International University's loss to Duke over the weekend at FIU Stadium, you may have noticed some signs of the Dos Equis guy with a panther head, a few poorly drawn faces, and a Chuck Testa reference up on the Jumbotron.

There's an explanation for that -- trolls.

The group of folks doing it -- who say on their Facebook page that they're going to keep bringing posters of FIU-inspired internet memes to all of the Golden Panthers' home games -- have one mission: "To ensure that each FIU game is properly trolled."

On Saturday, they did just that -- there were posters of the "Forever Alone" character in a Duke T-shirt, "Rage Guy" shaped as Roary the Panther, and the aforementioned Dos Equis guy with a panther head, saying, "I don't always win, but when I do, I devastate."

If you're familiar with internet memes, you can bet your bottom dollar these folks come from Reddit. (Don't worry, ma'am; they're from the internet.)

For your viewing pleasure, the group -- which calls itself "The FIU Meme Generators" on Facebook -- has posted a few previews of the signs you may see at upcoming games:





You can find more of the FIU memes on the FIU Meme Generators Facebook page by clicking here.

[h/t: reddit]

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