DIY: Build Your Own Inexpensive HDTV Antenna

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​Back in February 17, 2009, Congress set the final deadline for the HDTV transition.

Most local television stations now broadcast in high definition, and with the hard times we live in nowadays, we thought a cheap alternative to cable television might help.

Now go build your nonfancy HDTV antenna.

Follow the jump for our step-by-step, visual guide brought to you by illustration master Miche Ratto. Click the image for a high resolution PDF.

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Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Hey Miche;

I noticed that tinfoil was a key element in this design.

Question: what about those folks with tin-foil hats?  Do you have a scaled down model for them?


Its important to block those cosmic rays, but aluminum foil hats are also great for blocking those UV rays if you happen to be bald as well as nuts

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