Delray Beach Restaurant Hiring Bartenders, Servers, and a Handful of Hos

Hey -- are you a ho?

Do you also need a job?

If so, you obviously haven't been looking on Craigslist. A new restaurant opening in Delray Beach needs a few employees, including bartenders, servers, and of course, hos -- at least that's what they're looking for according to the ad posted on the online classifieds site.

The restaurant isn't named in the advertisement, but it claims to be a "successful" South Florida restaurant group that's been around for 15 years.

If you're looking to be the new restaurant ho, there are a few qualifications the ad calls for: a strong work ethic, food knowledge, experience with wine, professional, courteous, and presentable. They also don't want any part-time hos -- full-time only.


But what makes a good ho? Let's consult the Urban Dictionary:


It's entirely possible -- and somewhat likely -- that they meant to say they were looking to hire hostesses, but that would be disappointing to any hos who apply.

Click here for the Craigslist post.

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Chaz Stevens, Genius
Chaz Stevens, Genius

Do three ho's count for more than three jobs?  Should we factor in the # of holes per ho?

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